Careers at Spredfast


Spredfast is determined to provide its clients with a robust and innovative social marketing platform.


Spredfast offers four unique services to customers.

  • Conversations: Provides a secure social media account management platform, with tools to analyze data from accounts.
  • Intelligence: Offers live information updates on a variety of social media platforms, keeping clients up-to-date on relevant topics.
  • Experiences: Gathers the best social media content into one place and integrates it into the clients own digital media to deliver impactful company experiences.
  • Promotions: Provides clients with effective promotional campaign material, increasing customer and company interaction.


Originally named Mass Relevance, the team behind Spredfast began business in 2010. The platform behind Mass Relevance was originally named TweetRiver, which was developed in April of 2009 by Barry Cox, Brian Dainton, and Eric Falcao.

Meeting every Tuesday night at coffee shops, together they developed Mass Relevance in December of 2010 with the help of Sam Decker. The purpose behind the company was to provide social media curation services to enterprising clients.

A variety of new functions were added to the service in 2011; these functions were used by companies such as Pepsi, Target, American Eagle, Ford, and many others. Toward the end of 2011, the company had raised a total of $13.6-million during both the Series A and Series B funding rounds.

The next funding round took place in February of 2013, raising $18-million during the Series C funding round with OpenView as the lead investor.

Then in January of 2014 Spredfast raised another $32.5-million during the Series D round, led by Lead Edge Capital. In March of 2015, another $24-million was raised thanks to Silver Lake Waterman, during a Debt Financing funding round.

Finally, in June of 2016, $50-million was raised by five different investors during the Series F funding round with Riverwood Capital as the lead investor. By the end of these six funding rounds the company had raised a total of $138.1-million in funding.