Careers at SteelHouse


SteelHouse strives to provide clients with a marketing tool capable of delivering results, and reducing expense.

Product Segments

  • Advertising Suite: Utilizes multiple advertising channels and existing brand content to deliver advertisements to their target audiences.
  • Creative Suite: Allows for the creation of high quality brand content for use in advertising campaigns and brand identity.


SteelHouse began in 2010 with its sights set on improving the online marketing industry. By using data analysis techniques, advertisements are customized to fit the preference of the customer. Using software that makes it possible to create engaging advertisements and improved audience targeting tactics, SteelHouse attempts to boost revenue and reduce expense through effective advertising campaigns.

This company is backed by experienced engineers and marketers from eHarmony, E*TRADE, Oracle, and the Rubicon Project. Growing fast, by 2013 the online advertising platform launched an ad targeting software called Slingshot™. This software creates a personalized ad experience by using the whole website instead of an ad click alone.

Based on industry reports the average ad click is less than one percent of visitors, and even fewer actually buy a product after clicking. Using a tracking pixel to determine the browsing trends of a user, their software is able to deliver interesting content to the correct audience. In order to keep browsing data up-to-date, the most recent browsing data is used.

Tests of this new software proved to be effective and stimulate growth. As a client of SteelHouse, Creative Labs launched an advertising campaign using the Slingshot™ software and saw significant growth in their company.

After using the software, the company saw a substantial increase in online sales, as well as a 332% overall lift in revenue per visitor. Being compatible with computers and mobile devices, SteelHouse reaches an audience of around 170 million consumers a month.