Careers at Strava


Strava brings together athletes from all stages of life, serving as a social networking platform on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Product Segments

Strava is broken up into two separate membership categories.

  • Strava Free: Members can record workout progress and compare it with others who have completed similar activities, as well as participate in competitive challenges.
  • Strava Premium: Includes features from the free version, and offers members an expansive array of workout tools. Members receive perks such as personalized coaching, goal setting, workout analysis tools, and much more.


Strava was founded in 2009 by Mark Gainey, Michael Horvath, and Mark Shaw. In order to gain traction in the early days of the company, word of mouth was the method used to inform others of Strava.

Up until 2010, the founders of Strava had self-funded the company. In October of 2010 the company received an undisclosed amount of funding to get things going. By January of 2011, Strava received $3.5 million in funding during the Series A funding round from Sigma Partners.

Following this, in July of the same year the company received an additional $12.6 million from Madrone Capital Partners, and Sigma Partners during the Series B funding round. Then in October of 2014 Strava received another $18.5 million from Madrone Capital Partners, Jackson Square Ventures, and Sequoia Capital during the Series D funding round; placing them at a total of $34.6 million in disclosed funding.

This funding was used to improve the services offered by Strava and include more features to the program, as well as other various uses. Strava members can now access their workouts via mobile app or web browser to record many various activities such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, surfing, and much more. This allows those passionate about their activities to keep track of progress as well as compare progress with other like-minded people.

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