Careers at Taxibeat


The mission at Taxibeat is to make everyday life in the city better by offering convenient, high quality, and safe transportation for all. Taxibeat makes it a point to let the customers know that even with them being a technology based company, technology is not the only thing that matters to them.


Taxibeat was founded in Athens in May 2011 by a gentleman named Nikos Drandakis. The company started as a mobile application company that wanted to help people find the best taxi service available quickly and affordably. They also wanted to connect the passengers to a fair rewards system. They created an Android and iOS taxi App capable of hailing a cab in an innovative manner which was very attractive in several upcoming markets.

Taxibeat got started by securing $4 million in funding from a London-based company called Hummingbird Ventures. They also raised $3 million from private investors and have been expanding there services across several European cities such as Athens and Paris on an ongoing basis.

They have also expanded into different areas of Latin America, such as Sao Paulo, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro. The company currently holds over 31,000 taxi licenses in Sao Paulo, 100,000 taxi licenses in Mexico City, and 28,000 licenses in Rio de Janeiro which obviously open the doors of opportunity for Taxibeat in these areas.

Taxibeat has been able to utilize their app in a way that outperforms the competition by primarily providing an innovative and superior approach to such competitors as Easy Taxi, Hailo, myTaxi, and GetTaxi. Where most of the apps just simply find the closest available taxi, Taxibeat has an app that helps you to pick the taxi driver of your choosing based on both your preferences and the ratings reviews from previous customers. These two advantages alone helped grow the app significantly in markets where there are a great deal of formal regulations and oversight of taxis remains weak on the ground level.

One great feature that sets Taxibeat apart is the ability drivers have to sell themselves and the service they provide. Drivers get to construct personalized profiles; which allows them to build up a repeat customer base. They can also make people aware of certain options that may be available to customer in their taxi versus another, such as Wi-Fi, on-board phone charging, taking a pet along, and so on. The drivers are only required to pay a small commission on trips that they earn through Taxibeat.

The company is continuing to strive for excellence even today. They are currently working to learn the most effective and efficient use of data in order to move people around faster and with higher quality. The company wants to have a stronghold over the power of data in order to provide transportation services to pretty much whatever is being moved around the city in the most effective and efficient manner.

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