Careers at Teads


Teads seeks to work with advertisers and publishers to deliver effective outstream video advertising content, while providing companies with access to their most-demanded inventory through the Teads Marketplace.

Customer segments

  • Publishers: Allows publishers around the world to monetize created content through the Teads platform.
  • Advertisers: Provides a channel of distribution for advertisers, agencies, and trading desks; connecting them with top publishers.


Teads was founded in 2011 by Loic Soubeyrand, Jeremy Arditi, Pierre Chappaz, and Bertrand Quesada. Using outstream video advertising techniques, Teads is the top video advertising marketplace in the world. The company is regarded as the inventor of the outstream video format, which offers a wealth of advertising benefits and features.

A total of nine funding rounds put the company at a total of $127.93-million in funding by August of 2016. Starting as early as January 2007, the company has had many investors backing their services, offering improvements which can be seen within their services today.

In January of 2010 Teads acquired PromoDigital through a cash and stock purchase. Then in September of that same year they acquired These were just the first two of six acquisitions that the company would make to improve their services. In March of 2011, Teads acquired BeeAd through a cash and stock purchase.

Then in May of that year they bought Trigami. Later on in March of 2012 the company acquired Beezik. Their final acquisition was made recently in September of 2016 when they acquired Brainient. Utilizing generous funding rounds and smart company acquisitions, Teads is now a leading service provider in the outstream video advertising market.

Offering solutions for major names in both the advertising and publishing industries, Teads has become well-known in many circles. Today the company generates premium inventory access for its clients through effective video marketing techniques.

Benefits at Teads