Careers at Terracare Associates


Terracare Associates strives to provide high quality outdoor maintenance service for the best prices available, while maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Business Segments

  • Public Services: Offers their services in the public sector by taking part in highway maintenance, traffic control, snow removal, public landscape services, and various public works.
  • Commercial Services: Provides commercial services by offering landscape maintenance, irrigation services, lake management, various parking lot and street services, and snow removal.
  • Responsibility: Provides accountability driven services ensuring safety for their employees, water management and hazard prevention, a responsibility and sustainability policy, and community investment.


Terracare Associates was established in 1985 and has provided experienced and certified labor for over 30 years. The company operated originally as a single landscaping maintenance crew. Sustaining strong and steady growth has led the company to where they are today at over 1000 employees strong with a vast array of services offered.

Today their services cater to the needs of a diverse client base, and include activities in both the public and private sector along with accountability services. This company is unique in the way that they operate. By offering outdoor maintenance to a variety of customers they understand the need to protect both the environment and the people affected by their work.

This level of workmanship provides a comprehensive business plan which covers the full spectrum of outdoor maintenance needs. Their experienced and certified staff works throughout all seasons and takes part in projects to improve parks, infrastructure, provide sustainable environments and much more!

Furthermore, Terracare Associates operates as the city public works department in the city of Centennial Colorado. The company has worked a variety of large projects such as the Blue Cross Blue Shield Campus in Texas, the Centennial Center Park in Colorado, and Cottonwood Heights in Utah.

Through the use of dedicated professionals, sustainable and smart practices, Terracare Associates is a high quality provider of outdoor maintenance services with a lot of experience.