Careers at The Mobile Majority


The mission at The Mobile Majority is to help brands realize the full potential of mobile. The company is focused on solving the issues of fragmentation in the industry while also offering targeted mobile campaigns all in one place.

Their overall goal is to bring about better results and leave a client’s budget dedicated to quality rich media and not extra fees. The Mobile Majority has a desire to reinforce the value of an integrated platform that is both driven by teamwork and powered by first party data.


The Mobile Majority was formerly known as PaeDae. PaeDae was a company specializing in reward based advertising. The concept behind the company was to simply play games and win deals. As time went by, the company was able to draw a great deal of attention as different hypotheses were tested. The company began to watch the rates of engagement grow significantly as the company built and distributed campaigns for the clients.

Over time, it became more and more difficult to scale PaeDae within the limitations of the existing mobile ecosystem. The systems also didn’t work together which created an additional problem. The company started to build larger campaigns with reward based ads that bypassed the SDK based network which created a need for more precise targeting as well.

In order to make this happen, the company needed a broader scale of its entire mobile ecosystem and a massive potential audience to work with. None of the options available during this timeframe seemed to work.

The Mobile Majority decided to start thinking differently about the mobile industry. They began to treat the mobile ads like software rather than images which made a huge difference. The company started building what is known as AdKit. AdKit is the proprietary solution grown from the decision to treats ads in a specific way.

In early 2014, The Mobile Majority started in place of PaeDae, opting to raise funds from several resources, such as LP’s, family offices, and strategic investors. They had to take advantage of institutional capital as well as they transitioned into The Mobile Majority.

During the first year, the company grew at a rapid rate and expanded their offices over six different cities. They also expanded across the globe reaching as far as Brazil. Today, they are continuing to grow in their industry by providing solutions for the ever changing mobile advertising world.

Benefits at The Mobile Majority