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Tradesmen International LLC (“Tradesmen International”) seeks to establish itself as the leading recruiter and provider of construction, labour, and specialised labour professionals, helping its clients to complete their projects on time, on or under budget, and with the highest levels of safety, quality and productivity.


Tradesmen International was founded in 1992 by Joseph O. Wesley (“Wesley”), a commercial electrical contractor in Northeast Ohio, US.

Wesley identified that staffing solutions in the construction and industrial sector were inadequate, seeing that there was a need for a new system under which companies could quickly find skilled and experienced workers for various industrial projects.

Wesley believed that it was possible to develop a system under which a contingent construction labour force of superior quality could supplement a contractor’s core workforce in order to level out workload peaks and valleys, and better match workload to workers.

To achieve this goal, Wesley established Tradesmen International. The company has since expanded significantly and has established itself as the leading provider of construction workers in the US.

Tradesmen International has recruited a pool of thousands of contractors – including construction workers, skilled labourers, shipbuilding professionals, and other industrial workers – which it markets to companies across a range of industrial sectors.

Business model of Tradesmen International

Customer Segments

Tradesmen International serves a wide range of customers across the industrial and constructions sectors.

The company’s clients typically operate across one or more of the following sectors:

  • Construction, including commercial development companies, real estate development firms, and other general construction operators, to which the company provides labourers, plumbers, carpenters, and others;
  • Manufacturing, including various companies engaged in manufacturing and processing products at industrial facilities, to which the company provides machinists, iron workers, welders, and equipment operators;
  • Power, including renewable energy companies, oil and gas, natural gas, solar power companies and other energy transmission and generation companies, to which the company provides a range of specialised contractors;
  • Heavy Industrial, including disaster recovery businesses and other heavy industrial companies, to which the company provides riggers, welders, and other workers;
  • Marine, including shipbuilders and shipyard operators, to which the company provides riggers, shipfitters, structural welders, and other marine specialists; and
  • Skilled Labour, including specialised labour companies to which the company provides skilled workers such as plumbers, HAVC technicians, carpenters, masons, and pipefitters.

Tradesmen International is based in the US. The company’s home market accounts for the bulk of its business.

Value Propositions

Tradesmen International provides value to its customers in the following ways:

  • Reputation and Track Record – Tradesmen International is an established provider of construction and skilled labouring services, since its establishment it has earned a reputation as a reliable and effective provider of skilled contractors to industrial customers;
  • Varied Expertise – Tradesmen International recruits workers and contractors across a wide range of trades and specialities, enabling customers to access niche services and general contracting services from a single provider;
  • Large Pool of Workers – Tradesmen International has a large pool of workers, ensuring that kits always has tradesmen available for its clients’ projects regardless of the time of year;
  • Safety and Training – Tradesmen international maintains high standards for safety and experience among its workers, ensure that the contractors it provides are able to perform effectively and safely on any project to which they are assigned;
  • Customer Service – Tradesmen International ensures that it is responsive to the need and concerns of its customers, operating a dedicated customer support team that is on hand to handle any issues of complaints and ensure client satisfaction; and
  • National Reach – Tradesmen International operates office locations and recruits workers from across the US, ensuring that customers can be served quickly and efficiently from local or regional facilities.


Tradesmen International provides its services to customers directly. The company operates an extensive recruitment network, through which it recruits skilled contractors.

This network principally comprises more 175 construction-specific recruiters working out of the company’s National Recruiting Centre, as well as more than 170 local offices across the US and Canada.

The company also operates a staffing division, the members of which work out of the company’s offices and deal directly with clients, seeking to partner each job with the most appropriate and qualified contractors.

Through its website, Tradesmen International provides a contact form through which customers can seek information on potential hires and contractors can look for potential opportunities.

While potential contractors are able to apply to the company through its website, the company does not allow the recruitment or staffing process to be completed solely online.

Customer Relationships

Tradesmen International seeks to establish longstanding relationships with its clients by ensuring that the workers it provides are highly trained, skilled, and operate within safety guidelines.

By providing its clients with excellent workers, the company encourages recurring business on a project by project basis. Tradesmen International operates a corporate office through which it employs teams to handle its dealings with clients and with contractors, ensuring that the needs of all parties are met.

Tradesmen International operates a website at, through which it provides information to clients and potential recruits on a self-service basis.

This includes information on the types of tradesmen recruited by the company, he industries its services, the locations of its staffing and recruitment offices, and the members of its senior leadership team.

Tradesmen International also operates an online contact form through its website, which enables customers and contractors to contact the company with questions, queries, and complaints.

Tradesmen International is additionally able to communicate directly with customers through its various social media accounts, including with  LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

Key Activities

Tradesmen International operates as a construction labour support company. It is engaged in the recruitment of skilled craftsmen for construction contractors and industrial companies in North America.

The company provides construction labour productivity consulting; skilled craftsmen staffing; skills assessment; and OSHA construction industry outreach safety training services.

It also recruits skilled industrial and commercial craftsmen, which include general managers, recruiters, and field representatives; traveling tradesmen and heavy industrial craftsmen, including welders, pipefitters, pipe welders, millwrights, riggers, boilermakers, electricians, ironworkers, carpenters, turbine mechanics, conveyor mechanics, and more; and marine workforce, such as marine electricians, aluminium hull welders, ship fitters, pipe welders, and crane operators. The company is based in the US, which is its core market.

Key Partners

Tradesmen International works closely with various partner companies and organisations across North America, which support the company’s core recruitment and staffing operations.

These partners include:

  • Supplier and Vendor Partners, including third-party providers of services and technologies that support the company’s corporate activities and help it to monitor and manage its staffing operations;
  • Affiliate and Industry Partners, comprising a range of trade and industry bodies, industry events, and trade resource companies; and
  • Strategic and Alliance Partners, comprising a range of other companies and organisations with which the company collaborates on various projects, ranging from development, marketing, and branding projects.

Tradesmen International includes a number of trade bodies among its industry partners, including Associated Builders and Contractors Inc, Associated General Contractors of America, American Subcontractors Association of the Carolinas, The Builders Exchange of Central Ohio, Fabtech, Master Builders Association, and Mechanical Contractors Association of South Carolina.

Key Resources

Tradesmen International’s business model depends on its ability to recruit and provide highly trained and experienced tradesmen.

As such, the company’s key resources are its recruitment chain and recruitment personnel, its office network and sales personnel, its industry expertise, its partnerships – in particular its tie-ups with trade organisations, its IT and communications infrastructure, and its external vendors.

Cost Structure

Tradesmen International incurs costs primarily in relation to the procurement of external services, the payment of salaries and benefits to its personnel, the operation of its office locations – including occupancy and utility costs, the management of its partnerships, and the maintenance and development of its IT and communications infrastructure.

The company notably operates an extensive network of construction staffing offices across the US and Canada, which are key in the company’s recruitment and delivery of expert tradesmen.

Revenue Streams

Tradesmen International generates revenue through the provision of staffing services to customers across the energy, construction, manufacturing, marine, and heavy industrial sectors.

The company derives its revenue under service contracts agreed directly with clients.

Tradesmen International is not a publicly listed company and as such it is not obliged to disclose its financial results online.

Our team

Marty Wick,
Chief Executive Officer

info: Marty Wick (“Wick”) has serves as Chief Executive Officer at Tradesmen International. He is responsible for overseeing all company operations and new market expansion initiatives, and plays an active role in supporting the strategic development and advancement of the company’s labour-oriented services. Wick began his career as a management consultant at Cap Gemini Ernst and Young. He later went on to hold management positions at Sprint Nextel Corporation and CenturyLink, before joining ServiceMaster Corporation. At ServiceMaster Corporation, Wick held a number of management positions over a period of nine years, culminating in a spell as Chief Operating Officer for its Terminix International unit. 

Mike Christiansen,
Chief Operating Officer

info: Mike Christiansen (“Christiansen”) has served as Chief Operating Officer at Tradesmen International since 2016. In this role, he is responsible for overseeing the overall day-to-day leadership and general management of the company.  Christiansen is a long-serving employee of Tradesmen International, having worked at the company for more 20 years. He first joined the company in 1998 as a field representative and sales manager, a role he held for three years before being promote to General Manager for Milwaukee. In 2005, he was named Great Lakes Regional Vice President, following which he served for more than six years as the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Jesse Klebba,
Chief Information Officer

info: Jesse Klebba (“Klebba”) has served as Chief Information Officer at Tradesmen International since joining the company in 2018. He is responsible for leading the company’s Technology Team, including in its IT development and analytics, network administration, web development, and technical support operations.  Klebba began his career at Accenture where he served in management positions from 1998 to 2002. In 2002, he joined Plutus Enterprises as a manager, a role he held for a further 3 years before leaving the company to join Urgent Technology as Chief Executive Officer. This was his last role before joining Tradesmen International in 2018.