Careers at TWT Interactive


TWT Interactive is a technology company and full-service internet agency. It provides digital communication, brand management and marketing solutions to customers across multiple sectors.


TWT Interactive was founded in 1995 by Marcel Kreuter, who continues to serve as Managing Director at the Company, shortly after leaving secondary education. It was initially established as a small-scale marketing and brand management agency, but has since, particularly with the rise of the internet, expanded into a full service digital media service and technology company.

TWT Interactive, operating as part of the broader TWT Group, is one of Germany’s largest digital marketing and internet services agencies, employing around 175 staff members and operating across three locations. According to its own information, the Company has completed more than 3,000 projects.

Benefits at TWT Interactive

Business model of TWT Interactive

Customer Segments

TWT Interactive serves customers across a broad spectrum of business sectors and industries. While most of the Company’s activities are focused on its native German market, TWT Interactive provides services to both national and multinational brands.

According to its website, TWT Interactive has completed more than 3,000 projects for customers across the telecommunications, automotive, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, logistics and financial services sectors, among others.

Listed among the Company’s long-standing customers are German manufacturer of air conditioning components Trox Technik, manufacturer and retailer of ladies’ undergarments Lascana, toy retail chain Toys ‘R’ Us, global healthcare provider Novartis, and multinational cosmetics and pharmaceutical producer Johnson and Johnson.

Value Propositions

TWT Interactive’s value is in the variety and quality of its services. The Company is a market leader in its native Germany and provides a full suite of digital marketing, internet agency, branding, and e-commerce solutions, enabling customers to receive a range of integrated services form one provider.

TWT Interactive’s products are also easy to use, requiring no technical expertise, and work in conjunction with existing data management tools and services. TWT also provides training and career support services to its customers, promoting career progression and professional development.


TWT Interactive’s products and services can be viewed through the Company’s websites hosted at The Company employs a sales team that can be contacted directly by prospective customers in order to purchase products and services or discuss the Company’s products and services.

TWT Interactives sales team can be reached by email or over the phone. Some of TWT Interactive’s products can be access through online and cloud-based software platforms, including the TWT OXID Apps platform.

Customer Relationships

TWT Interactive’s services and products can be purchased from the Company directly by contacting its sales team, either over the phone or through an online contact form. TWT Interactive can also be contacted by customers in relation to support and technical assistance queries.

The Company keeps its customers updated with internal developments and developments within the digital marketing and internet agency sector through a news portal hosted on its website.

Customers can interact with TWT Interactive directly through its line presence, including through its with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, as well as through content shared via document sharing platform Slideshare, news app Flipboard and German professional networking site Xing.

Key Activities

TWT is a technology and internet agency, providing a full suite of digital marketing, branding and e-commerce services.

The Company is active across six operating units: TWT Living Brands, comprising digital brand management, web analytics, social media’ and website and application services; TWT Experience Platforms, comprising application management, information architecture and consulting, and strategy and evaluation solutions; TWT E-Commerce, comprising transaction design, shop management, multi-channel integration and shop system licensing services; TWT Strategy Consulting, comprising product development, digital and brand strategy, and labs and prototyping activities; TWT Business Solutions, comprising consulting and analysis, training and support, and licensing and implementation services, as well as provision of various Google-based solutions; and TWT Online Marketing, comprising mobile marketing, online reputation management, online media campaigns and search engine marketing solutions.

Key Partners

TWT Interactive collaborates with a range of companies to provide the best possible services to its customers. These partners primarily operate in the tech space and provide productivity solutions, content management systems, analytics platforms and customer optimisation software collaborating with the Company to provide integrated products for TWT Interactive or third-party customers.

This includes partnerships with high-profile tech brands such as Facebook, with which TWT Interactive has developed an application that allows users to integrate online stores into the Facebook platform, and Google, with which the Company has developed a module for content management system FirstSpirit. The Company also has partnership with software company Oracle, social media giant Twitter and all-service internet company Yahoo, as well as with smaller operators such as Optimizely, Econda, Imperia, and Spryker.

Key Resources

TWT Interactive’s key resources are its software products, its IT infrastructure, and its personnel, in particular its sales and support employees. Searches of records held by the US Patent and Trademark Office and by Germany’s Deutsches Patent und Markenamt identified no patent applications recorded in TWT Interactive’s name.

Cost Structure

TWT Interactive incurs costs in relation to the development of its software products, the maintenance of its IT infrastructure and the retention of its personnel.

The Company operates three offices across Germany, including in Dusseldorf and Berlin, which accrue fixed costs in the form of rental fees and utilities, and employs a workforce of 175 staff members, representing costs relating payment of salaries and benefits.

Revenue Streams

TWT Interactive generates revenue through the sale of various digital media marketing and management products, as well as through the provision of brand management, digital marketing and consulting services. The Company’s software products, primarily available on a subscription basis, include TWT Inxmail Connect, Google Search Appliance Connectors, SEO URL Creator, XML Sitemap Generator, and the TWT OXID Apps platform.

Several of these products work in conjunction with commercial content management system FirstSpirit. TWT Interactive does not list its pricing structure for these products on its website. The Company also provides paid services to companies across multiple sectors, including information architecture modelling, frontend development, software development, hosting and cloud services, marketing analytics, search engine optimisation, performance marketing, mobile commerce and usability testing.

Our team

Marcel Kreuter,
Founder and Managing Director

info: Marcel has served as Managing Director at TWT Interactive since founding the Company in 1995, shortly after graduating from university. He oversees the strategic development and overall operations of the Company and He is a graduate of Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf, from which he earned a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

Hans Even,
Chief Executive Officer

info: Hans has been Chief Executive Officer at TWT Interactive since 1999. He is also Managing Director of TWT Online Marketing, TWT Business Solutions and TWT Strategy Consulting. Outside of the TWT Interactive Group, Even serves as a venture partner at Berlin Technologies Holding and as Managing Director of venture capital firm and start-up investor 3e Capital Group. Even graduated from the University of Dusseldorf in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in Management, Finance, Controlling and Marketing, and went on to earn an MBA from the University of California’s Davis Graduate School of Management.

Kai Kroker,
Technical Director

info: Kai has served as Technical Director of TWT Interactive since 2015, having begun a second spell at the Company in 2011 as Team Leader of eSolutions. Kroker first joined TWT in 2003, serving as a developer at the Company until 2005, when he moved to media agency Unique. From 2005 Kroker was a senior developer at Unique, gaining promotion to the position of senior developer and project manager in 2007. Kroker received a master’s degree in Communications, Film and Television, and Musicology from Ruhr University in Bochum in 2007.