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Uniplaces strives to offer valuable booking options for students seeking a residence with a vast number of verified properties to choose from.

Customer segments

  • Student: Provides listings from a vast database of verified properties around the world in order to provide unique experiences for students studying abroad.
  • Landowner: Offers a free to use commission based service to landowners seeking to list their properties as available residences for students.


Uniplaces was founded in 2012 by Miguel Amaro, Mariano Kostelec, and Ben Grech. Starting as a concept in the Summer of 2011, the founders participated in Lisbon’s Startup Weekend in November of the same year and created their first version of the software. The first fully working version of the website was created in the beginning of 2012, with several Portugal universities as partners.

Uniplaces started with a $40,000 grant in April of 2012. By June of 2012 Uniplaces received €200,000 in Seed funding from three separate investors. Using their acquired resources, the company expanded to the cities of Porto and London in 2013.

Then in November that same year they received £720,000 in another Seed funding round with Octopus Ventures as the lead investor. May of 2014 saw the company expand to Madrid. Then in October of that year the last Seed funding round provided the company with an additional £2.2 million in funding from four different investors with Octopus Ventures as the lead investor once again.

By April of 2015 Uniplaces had quickly expanded to 39 cities in 8 different countries across Europe. During May of that year Uniplaces launched its newly designed website with a new logo. As the Series A funding round came to a finish in November of the same year, the company received an additional $24 million putting Uniplaces at a total of $28.98 million in funding by the end of these five funding rounds.

Logo © by Dvscampos (Wikimedia Commons) under CC BY-SA 4.0

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