Careers at Upswing


Upswing seeks to improve college student success rates by providing services which offer support, tutoring, mentoring and advising.

Business Segments

  • AdviseUp: Offers services for students and advisors which provides a platform for students to connect with their advisors and receive visual, audio, chat, and other forms of support. Sessions can be scheduled online or in person.
  • AskUp: Provides a platform for tutors and students to collaborate, providing students with the academic support they need to excel in their subject material. Allows for review of assignments by tutors and the option to receive detailed feedback.
  • TutorUp: Allows students to search for academic coaches that meet their needs and offers a platform for real-time chat through video, audio, or virtual means.
  • Upswing Academy: Provides digital courses for common college credits for the purpose of providing study materials which reinforce learning in the subjects offered.
  • Ana Scribe: Offers a mobile academic assistant which is capable of providing reminders, citing academic papers, proofreading, and offer tips and insight for difficult college courses.


Upswing was founded in 2013 by Melvin Hines, Alex Pritchett, and Chris Webb. The company started as an online tutoring company based in North Carolina. Their first customers were students at small community colleges in the area. After gaining further experience as a tutoring company they quickly began to expand, acquiring two additional offices in Texas just a year later. During this time the company also increased its workforce from four full-time employees to fourteen, effectively tripling their staff.

By 2015 Upswing had partnered with a total of eight colleges, expanding their services to a larger amount of college students. Then in 2016 their partnerships grew to 47 colleges throughout the United States, and in Canada. Upswing offers their services for the purpose of improving the success rates of students in college, and this was very quickly accepted by multiple institutions.

Through the use of experienced coaches, an online platform, and course material; students can receive the academic support they need to enhance their grades and success rates in their studies.