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UT Health Science Center makes the lives of people better with lifesaving research, excellent patient care, outstanding community engagement, and advanced academics in healthcare.

Business Segments

UT Health Science Center has three primary business divisions that are listed below.

  • Patient Care – This organization has a very comprehensive network of medical and dental specialists who provide the most complete and most intensive care to patients using the latest in medical treatments.
  • Research – The scientists and physicians at UT Health Science Center work very closely with patients to discover new treatments and develop leading medical advancements to find new cures and methods of care.
  • Academics – This medical facility educates and trains the next generation of health professionals using hands-on clinical practice and methods from the forefront of clinical research.


The University of Texas Health Science Center has a very long history, dating back to 1959 when the South Texas Medical School was chartered. In 1966, the first class of only 15 students was enrolled in the Medical School. From 1969 to 1972, the US government authorized the creation of the Dental School and the School of Nursing. In 1987, the institute received $15 million in donation to finance the creation of the Institute of Biotechnology. In 1999, the Health Science Center received $200 million in public endowment from the State of Texas to establish a Children’s Cancer Research Institute.

In 2003, the Health Science Center received the largest grant in its history, a sizeable $37 million to conduct intensive scientific research on small subcortical strokes. In 2007, the organization received another $25 million in donations to conduct more research. That same year, the Health Science Center purchased the Cancer Therapy & Research Center. In 2008, the university hospital announced plans for a $1 billion expansion.

As of 2016, the Health Science Center has over 5,000 employees and more than 28,000 graduate students. This research center in an integral component of the University of Texas System.

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