Careers at Vasco Data Security


VASCO Data Security International, Inc. is a leading global provider of authentication and security solutions for businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies. The company’s mission is to provide “peace of mind for all global businesses and government entities with complete and proven digital security solutions.”

Service and Solutions

Vasco provides a range of digital security solutions, including multi-factor authentication, which verifies user identities using at least two separate verification methods; mobile app security, for apps that are used to handle sensitive information and transfer money; risk management, to help detect and fight fraud; and the eSignLive platform for eSignatures.

In addition, it secures cloud-based data and applications and offers solutions at the level of individual data servers. Vasco serves companies and other entities in a range of industries, including:

  • Finance: Vasco serves 1,700 international banks, providing a host of anti-hacking, secure access, and other security services.
  • Healthcare: Vasco secures e-prescriptions, patient records, and devices used in the healthcare industry to help protect sensitive health and patient information. Its MYDIGIPASS solution is an inclusive platform for health IT vendors and hospitals. This product includes data security services such as proofing and authentication, and also helps with compliance.
  • Government: Vasco’s range of security solutions are used by government and public sector agencies to encrypt and secure sensitive information, authenticate users, and block data breaches and hacking attempts.
  • Gaming: Vasco helps prevent fraud and secure vulnerable online gaming accounts.
  • Payments: Vasco has a strong suite of solutions to help secure online payments across industries. These include authentication, encryption, and other methods to increase data security.


Vasco was founded in 1991 by T. Kendall Hunt, who remains the company’s CEO; he is also Chairman of the Board. Based in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, it has over 10,000 customers located in 100 countries. The company went public on January 14, 2000.