Careers at Vatic Labs


The mission of Vatic Labs is to be a group as diverse as our ability to think. We’re a proprietary trading company that believes in the power of the pattern, the intelligence of the scientific approach, and the importance of loving what you do. The company believes that real strength can be found in a company’s values and that real success means never compromising those values.


Vatic Labs is a quantitative trading firm that was founded back in 2013. Vatic Labs traders, AI researchers, and technologists worked together in order to develop trading agents as well as the latest technology. Vatic Lab’s systems are designed to increase market efficiency and transparency. The company is hard at work to gain a better understanding of the markets and they seem to greatly enjoy what they do. This makes the business run more effectively and efficiently.

Vatic Labs approaches problems with an open mind. The company focuses on working together as a team comprised of leading academic researchers, International Olympiad medalists, and brilliant traders. They are focused on continually pursuing new ideas. Every day the market transforms, this is opening up limitless opportunities for Vatic Labs.

At Vatic Labs, every member of the team is responsible for continuously transforming and innovating in new ways that they previously thought to be impossible. Every action taken is focused on being data driven, with the trading strategies being led by machine learning and cutting edge technology. Quantitative analysis and insights into the markets allows Vatic Labs to take calculated risk.

It is extremely helpful that before working in a leadership role at Vatic Labs, the executive members were leaders across the trading industry. Today, they continue to inspire and support each other as they evolve into the future of trading.

The company has achieved superior results and merits in the industry and regards to fellow colleagues. They truly believe that they are stronger as a team than as individuals and work together to build the best company possible. They value one another’s perspectives and strengths, appreciating the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and expertise within the organization. They are open-minded to their fellow employee’s ideas and actively seek to learn from one another. They are also deeply passionate about working at Vatic Labs to create the extraordinary.

Vatic Labs has the confidence and courage to constructively face difficult situations and emerge stronger from overcoming each challenge. The company is focused on positive outcomes rather than  processes and embrace automation in order to achieve more with less. They seek ways to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently to create lasting value. Vatic Labs never underestimates the importance of paying attention to every detail because they fell that is where excellence is found.