Careers at Velocity Electronics


Velocity electronics strives to offer leading service in electronic component distribution to manufacturers, while delivering top rated customer service.

Product Segments

  • Shortage Solutions: Locates hard to find components using proprietary techniques, increasing resupply speed to ensure a competitive edge.
  • Inventory Programs: Provides a custom distribution program based on client needs, while also reducing cost and inventory restocking time. Various techniques are used to protect clients from shortages and inventory disruptions.
  • Cost Savings/Spot Buys/Continuous Supply: Utilizes an extensive network of suppliers to reduce unit cost and find opportunities to consistently reduce the cost of an operation.
  • Excess & Obsolete Material Solutions: Reduces expenses associated with managing excess inventory and write downs.
  • Value-Added Services: Aims to reduce management and logistics costs, processing time, and amount of service vendors needed.


Founded in 1999, Velocity Electronics aims to offer reliable supply chain management solutions to its customers. Dealing in the electric components industry, they offer an extensive array of solutions to ensure inventory is up to date and excellence in customer service is delivered. By building lasting relationships with their customers, they strive to provide services which are flexible, meeting the needs of their clients at every stage of the supply process.

They also have international divisions which allow for the sourcing of materials from a global market. Using supportive methods for everyone involved, they strive to reduce expense at multiple levels of industry, increase productivity, and reduce the time involved for inventory to arrive.

From the start their goal has been to build a company that unlike any other; in service, values, ethics, and reliability. Utilizing continuous improvement techniques, quality, and commitment to client they provide unparalleled service to those who do business with them. From start to finish, Velocity Electronics aids in the smooth operation of manufacturers and distributors through a wide range of smart tactics.

Benefits at Velocity Electronics