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Vidyo seeks to provide effective and reliable video communications solutions to commercial and institutional clients across multiple industries,

Founding story

Vidyo was founded in 2005 by Ofer Shapiro (“Shapiro”), Alex Eleftheriadis, and Avery More. The Company was reportedly born out of Shapiro’s frustration at the limitations and problems associated with available video conferencing solutions during his time at Radvision.

Vidyo began to attract investor funding shortly after its incorporation, completing its Series A round in 2005, in which it raised $5 million. The Company has since raised $151.9 million in a total of 11 rounds, including from investors such as Rho Capital Partners, Menlo Ventures, Four Rivers Group, and Kaiser Permanente Ventures.

Since its incorporation Vidyo has established itself as a leading provider of video communications solutions, and has expanded its operations considerably to include operating locations across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Vidyo remains a privately owned company but plans to complete an initial public offering in the near future in which it aims to raise around $1 billion.

Benefits at Vidyo

Business model of Vidyo

Customer Segments

Vidyo provides a portfolio of video conferencing and visual communications services to commercial and institutional customers. The Company’s clients span a broad range of industries, including the following:

  • Government, including municipal, state, and federal government bodies, public bodies, and federal agencies;
  • Healthcare, including healthcare providers, medical services providers, and pharmaceutical companies;
  • Education, including higher education institutions such as universities and colleges, as well as research institutions;
  • Financial and Professional Services, including banking institutions, insurance companies, investment managers, law firms, accounting firms, and other financial and professional services providers;
  • Enterprise and Small Business, including various corporate enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized businesses;
  • Technology, including high technology companies, software developers, biotechnology companies, and engineering firms;
  • Energy, including energy producers, utilities companies, and energy distributors;
  • Manufacturing, including manufacturers of consumer goods, electronics, and industrial components; and
  • Field Services, including telecommunications companies and other field services providers;
  • Retail, including physical and digital retailers across a range of sectors.

Vidyo lists a number of its customers on its website. This includes a number of well-known companies and institutions such as Mozilla, Etsy, Carnegie Mellon University, Hitachi, Philips, Ricoh, and the US Army.

Vidyo is based in the US, which is also its principal market. The Company also serves clients across international markets in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

Value Propositions

Vidyo provides value to its customers in the following ways:

  • Its industry standing and reputation, with the Company established as a leading provider of video communications services, as demonstrated by the Company’s ability to attract business from high-profile customers such as the Us Army, Hitachi, and Mozilla;
  • The flexibility and functionality of its solutions, with the Company’s solutions offering a range of functions that are easy to access and utilise, including content sharing, self-service meeting rooms, and in-call device selection;
  • Its international reach, with the Company offering services to customers across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, with the Company maintaining an international office network including locations in the US, Israel, India, France, and Japan;
  • Its proprietary technologies, with the Company utilising a range of proprietary technologies in the development and deployment of its solutions, making its service offerings unique within the industry; and
  • Its industry expertise and experience, with the Company employing specialist technical personnel across its operating units, ensuring that its solutions are developed and delivered effectively and efficiently.


Vidyo operates a website at, through which it offers information on its various products, solutions, office locations, and customers. The Company allows customers to download software on a free trial basis directly from its website, but dos not operate a dedicated online sales portal. The Company’s core solutions are provided via software products, as well as through mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Vidyo makes sales to its customers through a direct sales force, which is organised by geographic region. The Company’s sales personnel operate out of its network of sales and administrative offices across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, including office locations in Israel, the US, Japan, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

Vidyo additionally makes sales to customers through a network of channel and distribution partners. This includes authorised resellers, distributors, independent software vendors, and systems integrators.

Customer Relationships

Vidyo does not make sales to customers on a self-service basis, but does offer its core software solutions to clients on a free trial basis directly via its website. The Company also offers mobile apps that can be downloaded on a self-service basis through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Vidyo makes its sales primarily through its international direct sales force, with its sales representatives consulting closely with clients in order that its solutions can be scaled and tailored appropriately. The Company seeks to establish longstanding relationships with its clients, offering software updates and upgrades to ensure that its clients continues receive high-quality services.

Vidyo offers ongoing support to its clients, who are able to contact the Company’s dedicated support personnel over the phone or via email in order to access personalised assistance. The company also offers a range of support resources through its website, including FAQs, installation and user guides, troubleshooting tips, and video tutorials.

Vidyo additionally operates accounts with several social media networks – including with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn – through which it is able to interact directly with customers and publish company updates.

Key Activities

Vidyo is a provider of video communications solutions to commercial and institutional clients across multiple sectors.

The Company is engaged in the designs, development, and delivery of high definition video conferencing solutions, notably its VidyoDesktop, VidyoWeb, and VidyoMobile applications that enable customers to manage video conferencing through Mac, Windows, and Linux desktop systems, through web browsers, or via iOS and Android mobile devices.

Vidyo also offers more specialist solutions for large commercial entities, such as its VidyoPanorama 600 product, a multi-screen group solution that allows teams to connect and collaborate from desktop, mobile, and room-based systems.

Vidyo serves clients across a range of industries, including the energy, financial services, retail, healthcare, government, and education sectors. It is based in the US, but serves an international client base across the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East.

Key Partners

Vidyo works closely with a network of partner companies and organisations that support and extend its capabilities. These partners can be organised broadly into the following categories:

  • Supplier and Service Partners, including suppliers of equipment, tools, and technologies, as well as various providers of professional services, that support the Company’s core development and delivery activities;
  • Systems Integration Partners, including a range of technology companies, consulting firms and specialist systems integrators that assist in combining hardware and software products from multiple vendors, and deploying the Company’s solutions effectively;
  • Channel and Distribution Partners, including the company’s network of resellers, distributors, and independent software vendors that assist in extending the reach of the Company’s internal sales and marketing teams; and
  • Technology Partners, including technology companies, software developers, and cloud service providers that assist in developing, maintaining, and delivering the Company’s various software products.

Vidyo has launched a number of partnerships in recent years. This includes a conferencing partnership with Mitel, a global strategic partnership with West, and a distribution partnership with Computacenter.

Key Resources

Vidyo’s key resources are its proprietary technologies and intellectual properties, its software products and solutions, its IT and communications infrastructure, its sales and distribution channels, its partnerships, and its personnel.

Vidyo utilises a portfolio of proprietary technologies in the development and deployment of its solutions, which its protects using various patent and intellectual property laws.

A search of records published by the US Patent and Trademark Office identified numerous patent applications filed in Vidyo’s name, including applications entitled ‘Systems and methods for split echo cancellation’, ‘System and method for agent-based integration of instant messaging and video communication systems’ and ‘Signaling conformance points using profile space’.

Vidyo additionally owns and or leases a portfolio of physical properties which comprise its network of sales and administrative offices around the world.

Cost Structure

Vidyo incurs costs in relation to the development of its proprietary technologies and solutions, the maintenance of its IT and communications infrastructure, the operation of its sales and distribution channels, the procurement of services, the implementation of advertising and marketing campaigns, the management of its partnerships, and the retention of its personnel.

Revenue Streams

Vidyo generates revenue through the development and sale of video communications software products for commercial and institutional clients. The Company principally derives its revenue under a software-as-a-service subscription model, as well as through individual sales and service contracts.

Vidyo is a privately owned company and as such it is not obliged to publish its financial results online. The Company does not disclose its revenue figures in media reports and press releases.

Our team

Eran Westman,
President and Chief Executive Officer

info: Eran has served as President and Chief Executive Officer at Vidyo since 2015, taking responsibility for leading the Company’s overall strategic direction. He first joined the Company in 2014 as Chief Revenue Officer. Westman is an experienced technology industry executive. Prior to joining Vidyo, he was a long-serving executive at Ceragon Networks, where he served as Vice President of Europe, Middle East and Africa, President of Asia Pacific, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales, and Executive Vice President of Global Business.

Kenneth Young,
Chief Financial Officer

info: Kenneth has served as Chief Financial Officer at Vidyo since joining the Company in 2016. He is responsible for overseeing the Company’s various financial functions and overseeing the operations of its financial units, including its accounting, internal audit and tax departments. Young is an experienced finance executive. He began his career at Grant Thornton in 1998, where he served in various positions over the course of more than 12 years, including spells as senior assurance manager and business development manager. In 2010 he joined Medecision as Chief Financial Officer, going on to serve as the company’s Chief Transformation Officer. This was his last executive role before joining Vidyo in 2014.

Roi Sasson,
Chief Technology Officer

info: Roi has served as Chief Technology Officer at Vidyo since 2016. He leads the company’s various technology operations, including the development of its flagship video conferencing solutions. Sasson first joined Vidyo in 2005 as Senior Vice President of Engineering, a role he held until assuming his current position. Sasson is a software developer by training and has held a number of senior leadership roles related to software engineering. From 1998 to 2001 he served as Senior Director of Software Development at Eulix Networks, following which he served as Senior Director of Software Development at UTStarcom, his last executive role before joining Vidyo in 2005.