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VTS offers a platform for real estate which allows clients to collaborate and create an effective digital space to showcase their properties.

Customer Segments

  • Landlords: Offers insight into every property on market, as well as the agents showcasing them and newly discovered opportunities.
  • Agency Brokers: Provides agencies with information regarding current market trends, client reports, and enhanced workflow capabilities.
  • Tenant Representatives: Offers a platform for task tracking and reporting, lease details specific to individual clients, collaboration between clients and servicers, and lead generation for when client contracts end.


VTS was founded in 2011 by Nick Romito, Ryan Masiello, and Karl Baum. The company has been growing rapidly since its inception. By offering high definition video tours of spaces, VTS started a new trend in real estate where prospective tenants could view a space from the comfort of their own home through the use of the VTS platform.

Soon after their flagship program was launched, in 2012 the company extended their service beyond the inside showing of spaces. They advanced their services by offering features such as availability tracking, tour dates, lease agreement information, and property performance. By the end of 2012 the service was already available in 18 markets, and was set to increase its international and domestic locations.

Recently in 2016, VTS raised $55 million in funding. This was easily one of the largest funding efforts for a real estate technology company. The proceeds are being used to further product development and improve their customer support services.

VTS takes a step in the right direction with their digital property showcasing platform and analytics software. By doing away with antiquated methods of showcasing spaces, landlords and agencies can save time and money, and tenants can view properties in various locations from the comfort of their home.

In addition to these features, prospective tenants can schedule visitations for properties which interest them, and landlords can stay on top of the vast operations of their spaces.

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