Careers at Vimeda


Vimeda’s mission is to promote health and wellness by providing personalized health coaching based on analysis of blood collected via self-testing kits.


Vimeda offers a suite of blood test kits. Customers purchase a designated kit, which comes with the tools necessary for them to collect a blood sample themselves. They then send back the blood sample to Vimeda. Unlike the analogous procedure conducted by healthcare practitioners, this method requires only a tiny sample of blood and can therefore be carried out in-home.

Vimeda handles the samples and sends them anonymously to its partner laboratories for formal analysis. It then conducts its own analyzes and uses the results to create custom ReportKits, which are sent back to the customers. Results are displayed in clear, easy-to-read graphs, and Vimeda also makes specific, individually-tailored lifestyle recommendations.

Purchasable tests are in categories including fitness and nutrition. Vimeda offers three “combined biomarker” tests: fitness, age vitality, and a “premium” comprehensive blood analysis. It has three special biomarker tests, for omegas, Vitamin D, and a basic analysis of overall health. In addition, it offers a “Nutrition Screen” test.


Vimeda was founded in 2015 and is based in Berlin, Germany. The CEO is co-founder Tobias Teuber, who worked previously at Groupon. Vimeda is advised by a six-member scientific and medical advisory board, which is managed by sports physician Dr. Alois Teuber. Other members of the advisory board include Dr. Robert Lange, Dr. Ralf Belusa, and Dr. Johannes Wimmer.