Careers at Virool


The mission of Virool is to humanize advertising.

Nature of the Business

Virool is a young viral video-seeding company whose primary focus is on advertisers. The company supports the marketing campaigns of its clients with:

  • Distribution of the client’s advertising video (hosted on a platform of the client’s choice)
  • Customized designs for the video player that will deliver the advertising content
  • Information compiled by Virool on demographics, geography, context and behavior, enabling clients to place video content where it is most likely to reach target audiences
  • Access to third party verification tools to check audience reactions
  • Analytics that allow the user to make real time checks on the sites where the video has appeared and tweak the list

Virool maintains a sizeable list of video publishers, so its advertising clients can meet both production and distribution requirements for their advertising videos, just by creating a Virool account. For publishers, Virool also offers a variety of software tools, including:

  • Inline
  • Instream
  • Sponsored
  • Overlay
  • Social Gaming
  • Vertical Reveal


Founded by Alexander Develov and Vladimir Gurgov in 2012, Virool began by offering a simple video advertising service tailored to the needs of individuals and small businesses. Now, it counts more than 30,000 global advertisers among its clients, including many well-known brands and their advertising agencies.

“Viroolians” are driven by a strong belief in the power of advertainment, which uses digital videos to combine marketing messages and visual entertainment. Virool’s latest offering - Vertical Reveal – exemplifies the forward-looking vision of the founders. Recognizing that mobile devices represent a major net outlet for advertising content, the designers formatted the new unit for viewing advertising content vertically on a mobile screen.

The creative Virool team intends to remain at the forefront of innovation, as the relatively new field of digital advertising continues to expand.

Benefits at Virool