Careers at VIVA Pediatrics


VIVA Pediatrics provides care to medically fragile children through the use skilled nurses and a dedicated team. Care extends from the day of birth all the way through 20 years of age.

Business Segments

Skilled Nursing: Offers private duty nursing and skilled nursing visits with a wide range of focuses such as; Apnea, BiPAP, Cough/Assist, CPAP, Infusion Therapy, NG tube, Seizure Disorder, Tracheostomy, and much more.

Therapy: Provides therapy services which target speech difficulties and language articulation, mobility training and therapeutic exercise, fine motor skills and sensory processing. 


VIVA Pediatrics was founded in 2009 by Erica and Efrem Colmenero. When the company was founded it was founded with a goal of treating each and every patient with the care they needed and the dignity they deserve. At the time of founding Erica had been a nurse for ten years. She got started in home care, helping families and patients in the community in 2004.

She ended up starting her own home health agency because she had a calling to make a difference in the lives of families in need. She along with her cofounder started VIVA Pediatrics with an aim to accomplish this vision and provide comprehensive healthcare. The founders of the company understood how frustrating and stressful health complications can be and have developed their company on the foundation of putting the patients’ needs first while maintaining the dignity of the family being treated.

The company employs medical professionals whose aim is to ease fears while treating the patient, providing an atmosphere which allows for the hope of a successful outcome. Having personally experienced the hardship of having a medical fragile child, the owners operate their business around the notion that everything must be done to ease the family’s worries while ensuring every measure is taken to help the child.

Through this understanding VIVA Pediatrics can approach every situation with the care that is needed to understand how important their role is in each and every patients’ life.