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Voxy’s mission is to tailor English learning to the needs of individual students, so that they can perform better the tasks that are important to them.

Nature of the Business

Voxy is a web-based e-learning company, offering a personalized English language learning platform. The company offers a task-based approach to learning and uses material from real life to make its language lessons meaningful. The curriculum is divided into thematic units that correspond to different practical needs of typical online learners, and its lesson plans include segments that engage students in hands-on activities that reinforce the learning process.

Through the Voxy app students can gain access to:

  • Live one-on-one tutoring sessions online
  • Group classes with certified teachers who give real-time feedback online
  • Tools for tracking progress online (advanced reporting, dashboard visualization and performance analytics)


Voxy was founded in New York in 2010 with a focus on attracting individual learners. In 2014, in response to numerous expressions of interest from potential institutional clients it expanded its offerings to include corporations, universities and language institutes. It has also expanded internationally. Its largest non-US market is in Brazil where it has opened a second office in Sao Paulo. Other important markets include Spain, Mexico, Colombia, China and South Africa.

The company attributes its early success to the vision that motivates the entire team (linguists, scientists, developers, designers, teachers and communication experts). All of them are united in the belief that the company’s dynamic teaching methods and personalized instruction offer a promising new way to learn English. Its customized keyword extraction process for second language learning was patented in December 2015.

Voxy’s recent donation of free software licenses to a South African study center for ex-prison inmates and at-risk youth demonstrates its sense of mission. The gift provides members of this underserved community with full access to Voxy’s e-learning platform and credits for enrollment in live group classes.

Logo © by Voxy (Wikimedia Commons) under CC BY-SA 4.0

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