Careers at Vungle


Vungle’s mission is to become the leading in-app video platform for performance marketers.


Mobile ads just aren’t that good. Consumers are sick of intrusive ads ruining the browsing experience and pop-up ad blockers are at an all-time high in popularity. To say the least, consumers have a very low opinion of the mobile ad industry. Vungle began in 2014 when founder Zain Jaffer realized that there is a gap in the mobile ad market waiting to be filled. In particular, advertisers were not getting a proper return on investment and the ad format itself was not engaging.

Jaffer teamed up with his friend Jack Smith and the two went to work to create an in-app ad platform that uses short, movie trailer-like videos to showcase other apps. Armed with nothing more than this cool idea and a lot of persistence, the two British men were able to raise $2 Million in seed funding in 2012 from investors in Silicon Valley.

After the pair decided to pack their bags and make the journey to the United States, they began receiving massive interest from big name investors. Google Ventures, AOL Ventures, Crosslink Capital, SV Angel, among others, began to show interest. Crosslink led the firm’s first round of funding in 2013, which brought in $6.5 Million. A series B round in 2014, led by Thomvest Ventures, brought in $17 Million.

The popularity of Vungle can be traced to its promise of installs to some of the biggest advertisers out there. A focus on user experience combined with guaranteed return on investment have made Vungle a hit with video game advertisers. In a 2016 interview, Jaffer stated that Vungle remains profitable and is turning away offers from investors. Investors see a big future for Vungle and the company remains in a healthy position. Vungle has 250 employees and is based in San Francisco.

Benefits at Vungle