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For those with minimal web design experience, Weebly provides an affordable platform to build, publish, and manage a professional website.

The Product

Weebly’s Drag and Drop Editor allows the user to build a polished and professional looking website without any technical skills. Multiple design and content elements such as background, headers, text, images, maps, and videos can be added by simply dragging and dropping them into place. Editing text is as simple as using word processor. No installation is required and content can be uploaded or selected from Weebly's image and video library.

The Mobile Website Builder develops a mobile website that can be viewed from a phone, tablet, or desktop. A fully responsive template allows drag and drop editing to develop and customize a mobile website. With Weebly’s Android and iOS applications, users can create, preview, and manage a site that works on any device.

E-Commerce Website Builder provides business owners an opportunity to build a secure, easy to use site for their customers. With Weebly’s E-Commerce platform business owners can manage inventory, receive notifications when an order is placed, process and fulfill orders, respond to customer inquiries, upload new products with photos, notify customers during the shipment process, and monitor sales. Customers can be automatically notified of limited and out of stock items, search for and filter products and receive secure checkout options.

Digital and downloadable items can be delivered by email with a secure one-time use link or the shipment of physical products can be customized. Weebly’s payment processing services for businesses are available in 25 countries using PayPal and 11 countries using Stripe. Business owners are also provided current city, state and province level tax rates for the United States and Canada. For all other countries, tax rates can be determined by the seller.

Pre-designed Email Marketing templates are available including newsletters, promotions, product, or event announcements. Contacts can be imported from email services like Gmail, Yahoo! and MailChimp or by uploading a file. Weebly can also integrate contacts from membership groups, store orders, and forms. View how many people opened, viewed and clicked through marketing emails that are delivered.

Blogging templates are available for standalone websites or can be incorporated into a larger website or online store. Create customizable URLs, title tags and site descriptions to boost traffic from search results. Posts can be scheduled ahead of time and automatically shared on Facebook and Twitter. Manage comments with customizable monitoring and approval settings as well as the ability to integrate social media commenting systems directly into the blog.


Weebly was founded in 2007 by David Rusenko, Dan Veltri and Chris Fanini. While attending Penn State, Rusenko, Veltri and Fanini saw the challenges their peers faced when attempting to put their work online without coding experience or hiring a pricey professional web designer. As a result, they teamed up to build the first consumer service that provides the tools for anyone to easily and affordably create a website.

Hosting a high quality website, online store, or blog that can be viewed on any device is made simple using Weebly’s services. More than 40 million worldwide have used their website templates, eCommerce platform, and marketing tools to create websites and grow their businesses.

Through their mobile application, website host can track performance, interact with visitors, or manage orders anytime, anywhere. Websites built using Weebly have received more than 325 million unique visitors. The site offers website building in 15 different languages that enables users to share information worldwide.

Weebly, previously rated the #1 website creation service by, is frequently the highest rated website building mobile application in the Apple Store and Google Play. Valued at $455 million in 2014, its investors include Sequoia Capital, Tencent Holdings, Baseline Ventures, Floodgate, Ron Conway and more.

After teaming with Square, a credit card processing solutions, in 2015, accepting payments was made easier for its business users. They have expanded their offices from San Francisco, CA to include locations in New York, NY, and Scottsdale, AZ.

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