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Wrike’s cloud-based project management tool will bring remote teams distributed all across the globe together to work on multiple projects all on one single platform, streamlining the entire workflow.


In 2006, Andrew Filev created Wrike, with its main office situated in San Jose, California. A beta version of the software was launched in December 2006 and it was initially integrated with email clients. In June 2007, a full version of the software was released that included more features, such as 9 workflow groups.

In August 2008, Wrike decided to release an Enterprise edition of their software that included Gantt charts. In 2009, Wrike synchronized its tasks with Android devices and Windows Mobile devices. In the following year, Wrike released a new version of its software that incorporated social integrations functionalities, such as Dashboard and Follow.

In 2011, Wrike launched mobile apps for iOS users, so people could use this project management software on the iPhone and iPad. In addition, Wrike was now also compatible on BlackBerry devices. In September 2012, Wrike integrated a real-time text editor in which multiple users could create and edit files, all at the same time.

In March 2013, Wrike added an interactive timeline in the form of Gantt charts to its Android and iOS mobile apps to make them comparable to their desktop counterpart. In December 2013, Wrike launched a new Enterprise edition of its software to appeal to even larger corporations.

In June 2012, Wrike received $1 million in Series A funding from TMT Investments. In October 2013, the company received $10 million in Series A funding, led by Bain Capital. In May 2015, Wrike received $15 million in Series B funding, led by Scale Venture Partners.

In 2015, Wrike had 8,000 customers, 200 employees, and was acquiring 30,000 users each month. Now, the company has well over 400 employees.

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