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ZocDoc aims to help patients every step of the way, from finding the right doctor to booking an appointment, by providing an online platform that is continuously improving.

Customer segments

ZocDoc offers service in four different ways.

  • Patients: Provides an in-depth booking service with patient reviews and availability schedules to make the booking process more efficient.
  • Doctors: Offers access to a large number of patients through the website and app, and the ability to increase ratings online.
  • Healthcare Systems: Provides healthcare systems with an online presence that increases rebooking, availability, reimbursements and much more.
  • Employers: Offers a service through which employers can offer off-time for basic checkups, and employees can take advantage of off-time to get checkups.


ZocDoc was founded in September of 2007, by Oliver Kharraz, Cyrus Massoumi, and Nick Ganju. The idea behind ZocDoc was to create a platform that represented patients well before they made it to the doctor’s office. The first funding round for the company was held in August of 2008, during which they obtained $3 million in the Series A round from five investors with Khosla Ventures as the lead investor.

Then in July of 2010 ZocDoc received $15 million in funding from three investors during the Series B funding round with Founders Fund as the lead investor. Later in September of 2011 the company received $75 million in funding during the Series C funding round from Goldman Sachs, and DST Global.

The final Series D funding round provided the company with an additional $130 million in funding from three investors with Atomico as the lead investor. In total the company received $223 million during these four funding rounds. Today their services offer a wealth of features for patients, doctors, healthcare systems, and employers.

Their online based platform is a step forward in an industry that is still transitioning from traditional methods to digital methods like those provided by ZocDoc.

Benefits at Zocdoc