Jobs in Akron, Ohio, United States

When we say “The King,” we mean the Greatest of All Time, “The King,” Lebron James. Of course, there’s more to Akron than having the best basketball player being born and raised here. There are also Akron’s tourist spots such as the Hoppin’ Frog Brewery, the best brewery in Ohio and the 17th in the world; the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a picturesque national park; the Derby Downs, the venue for the world championships of the Soap Box Derby; the Akron Civic Theatre, one of just 5 atmospheric theaters in the US; the Akron Zoo, home to the Grizzly Ridge and its bears; the Market at Lock 3, the market offering fresh farm products and produce; and the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, the tracks that go to the scenic landscapes of the national park.

Beyond its attractions for tourists, Akron also offers some perks in terms of working there, such as its job market, education, and lifestyle. Keep on reading to learn more!

Quaker Oat and Tech Country

The first oatmeal in the US was made by Ferdinand Schumacher, an Akronite. He eventually founded companies that would form the very famous Quaker Oats Company. So if you’re a fan of oats, try and visit the historic and famous Quaker Square.

From oats to tech, did you know that Akron is in the middle of “Polymer Valley”? This means Akron has a growing tech market, with Goodyear Polymer Center being in the center.

A Pioneer in Education

If you want to move to Akron and bring your children with you (if you have any children), it may be good to know that the Akron School Law in 1847 was the one that started the K to 12 system for grade school. Now, it is used in every state in the US!

In addition, in 1872, the “Akron Plan” was formed for church buildings at the First Methodist Episcopal Church, Akron. Once the plan succeeded, many churches in the US copied the building of Akron so it easier and more convenient for people to go from church to Sunday School.

A Relaxing Place to Be

Since 2012, Akron was designated a “Tree City” 17 times by the National Arbor Day Foundation. This is because the people of Akron have demonstrated their commitment to urban forestry that increases property values, decreases energy usage, and upholds a healthy environment.