Jobs in Alexandria, Virginia, United States

Alexandria came into existence in 1669 after Sir William Berkley, the Governor of Virginia, granted Robert Howson over 6000-acres of land for bringing back 120-people to the Colony of Virginia. Present-day Alexandria was part of this land grant and much of the early 18th century began the settlement process of cultivating plantations and tobacco production.

During the Civil War in the 19th century, Alexandria served as a supply center for the troops and much of the supplies were dispersed through trains. Hospitals and other medical facilities were built in the area and several forts were later constructed as a defensive mechanism. Telephonic service and Electricity was brought to Alexandria during the early 1880s and the 20th century saw a widescale expansion of population, thanks to the expansion of the government.

Present-day Alexandria maintains its old-world charm along with various corporations making their way into the city. Plenty of parks and art galleries were established for recreational landmarks to attract tourists. Alexandria has its fair share of notable global companies that have their facilities operating in the city.

Artistic Destinations and Cultural Events Celebrated Within Alexandria

Alexandria celebrates various events related to community and tradition such as the “Saint Patrick’s Day” celebration and the Red Cross Waterfront Festival which is hosted in June every year. Numerous food stalls are lined up along with plenty of musicians from around the globe entertaining visitors and residents alike.

The Old Town Waterfront is a worthwhile location which hosts plenty of boat trips along the waterfront. There are plenty of restaurants and street stalls available in the location. To get an artistic representation of the World Wars, the Torpedo Factory hosts many objects of art related to the era. The local artists are friendly enough to explain their exhibits in detail.

The Alexandria’s Christ Church is a monumental establishment that is visually appealing to visitors. The Church was said to be frequented by George Washington and is of much historical significance.

Job Opportunities in Alexandria

Alexandria has plenty of associations related to non-profit and charity along with a corporate lifestyle. Job seekers won’t be disappointed at the wide options available to them with major companies such as — Inova Health System, Northern Virginia Community College, Oblon, The Home Depot, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Giant Food, Grant Thornton LLP, and Institute for Defense Analyses.

The list of top-paying jobs is — Business Process Consultant, Administrative Officer, National Partner Relations Manager, Data Analyst, Investment Analyst, Program Manager, Humanities Administrator, Volunteer Services Coordinator, and Investigative Operations Analyst.