Jobs in Banbury, United Kingdom

Banbury is a picturesque story book like market-town on the River Cherwell in Oxfordshire, England with a population of 46,075 people according to the census of 2016. Banbury is 64 miles away from London and is mostly surrounded by rural areas, which has made it a prominent commercial and retail center for the surrounding towns of the shire.

Being at the heart of Oxfordshire, away from the fast paced competitive urban hub, gas put Banbury in an advantageous position to acquire market segments and establish its position in the shire. Undoubtedly, Banbury is hitting the iron while it is hot and has already established itself as an essential commercial zone in the vicinity, attracting job seekers and offering an increasing quantity and choices for young job seekers whose majority are students.

Job Opportunities in Banbury, UK

Banbury’s dominant industries are car components, electrical goods, food processing and printing. World’s largest coffee processing facility, Jacobs Douwe Egbert’s, established in 1964, is one of the noteworthy forces in the industrial job market of Oxfordshire. Besides being an industrial body, it is certainly an important part of the heritage and a witness of history being over 50 years old and still running at full speed.

The Banbury Mill, the Northern Aluminium Co. Ltd. are some of the other major job providers of Banbury.

An interesting and encouraging fact for young job seekers is that Banbury has one of the lowest unemployment rates of UK.

Going to Work

Banbury has well maintained efficient railway and bus services for transportation within and outside the town. The well-designed route makes it convenient to travel to work and the expenses for that is student friendly.

Banbury can be the place for students who are keen on being a part of the quiet, soothing, laid back life with low living cost and fewer crowds. This is certainly the market town to work at for young people who want to work in the manufacturing industries and live life without the complex and complications of the big cities that never sleep.