Jobs in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States

The Commander of Fort Henry had tasked two explorers — Fallam and Batts to explore the area beyond the Allegheny Mountains. In 1671, the party claimed the present-day land of Blacksburg in honor of King Charles II. Although it wasn’t until the late 18th century that the area began to populate, thanks to the land bought by Samuel Black who constructed a grid of streets called — “The Old Sixteen Squares”.

The Presbyterians arrived in 1830 and constructed a church made of bricks in the area and the first educational facility was established in 1840 — the Blacksburg Female Academy. Soon other establishments followed such as the first bank “Blacksburg Savings Institution” and the first newspaper — “Montgomery Messenger”. The town was officially incorporated in 1871 with Thomas W. Jones taking the role of the first mayor.

Currently, Blacksburg is a town with a population count of 45,038, according to the census. The town experiences a mountain climate with warm summers due to the elevated location. The Blacksburg Transit runs the bus service within the town along with a regional bus service known as “The Smart Way Bus”.

Annual Events and Leisure Zones in the Friendly Town of Blacksburg

Blacksburg is well-known for hosting many community events such as “The International Street Fair & Parade” which is hosted on the 1st of April, every year. The festival unites students of Virginia Tech and has exciting music and fun activities for everyone to participate in. “Steppin’ Out” is a street festival hosted annually in August that features numerous artists and handcrafted souvenirs sold by merchants.

Apart from the annual fairs, Blacksburg has plenty of interesting sites to visit — The Hahn Horticulture Garden located at Virginia Tech is a special place with beautiful blooming flowers and a phenomenal backdrop with plenty of gardens.

The Smithfield Plantation is worth a visit due to its stunning plantations and gorgeous fruit trees that are located nearby. It’s an ideal location to host a birthday party or as a wedding venue. The Moss Arts Center offers exceptional acoustic shows and comedian acts, the tickets are priced reasonable and there are alcoholic beverages and food available at the venue.

Job Opportunities in Blacksburg

The town of Blacksburg offers numerous employment options for job entrants seeking a new start in the city. The Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center is a major employer which maintains numerous companies like “National Weather Service” and “Honeywell”.

Other major employers include — MOOG, Rackspace, HCA Montgomery Regional Hospital, United Pet Group, Eaglepicher Wolverine LLC, Federal-Mogul Corporation, and NRV Community Services.

Fresh graduates are suggested to apply for top positions such as — Procurement Compliance Analyst, Global Change Center Coordinator, Research Associate, ECE Student Services Receptionist, ERP Coordinator, Lab Analyst, Principal Contract Administrator, and Assistant Director of Nutrition.