Jobs in Bowie, Maryland, United States

The city of Bowie — What began originally as a train station, developed quickly into the largest municipality in all of Prince George’s County. The city directly takes its name from “Oden Bowie”, who was the governor of Maryland as well as the president of the railroad. Bowie is well-known for the presence of many museums.

The Bowie train station ran until 1989, and on the insistence of a new route to Bowie State University, the station was later shut down. The new rerouted “Bowie Railroad Station and Huntington Museum” was envisioned.

The Bowie State University is renowned as an institute known for teaching the African-American members of the population. It’s is accredited by The Middle States Association of Colleges and School. Presently, Bowie has an area of 16-square miles and a recorded population of 58,393 in 2016, according to the census.

City Attractions You Can’t-Miss in Bowie

Bowie is a family-friendly city with plenty of attractions for residents and tourists alike. The Bowie Ice Arena is a favorite spot for all ages, it includes ice skating and other fun activities hosted by the Bowie Figure Skating Club and Bowie Hockey Club.

The Bowie Town center is a great place for eateries such as the Olive Garden, Uno Chicago Grill, Noodle and Company, etc. Plenty of high profile brands have their retail outlets set up in the vicinity. A good place to catch dramas and musicals is at “The Bowie Playhouse”, there are plenty of acts from the Shakespearean era as well as modern plays.

A recreational hotspot in Bowie is the “Allen Pond Park” that is perfect for a serene day to unwind from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. There are also fireworks on display during the 4th of July, celebrations. Families are usually seen hosting a picnic feast during the weekends and tourists can take breathtaking photos of the sunset over by the pond.

Job Opportunities in Bowie

Bowie is home to some of the largest companies in the world — Target, Walmart, and Inovalon. Trying to find employment in the city isn’t a troublesome task for potential candidates. There are plenty of employment agencies in the city to assist you — Chanel, The Orion Recruiting Group, Randstad, McGuire Global Recruitment, and Bayard Associates.

Top employment options in Bowie include — Booksellers, Reading Tutors, Customer Representative, Administrative Aide, Receptionist, Logistics Member, Sales Associate, and Real Property Specialist. The jobs come with monthly or bi-weekly payments, job seekers looking to apply should hold the respective licenses and qualifications to enjoy a smooth recruitment process.