Jobs in Brookfield, Wisconsin, United States

Brookfield is the 3rd most populous city in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Located just 10 miles west of downtown Milwaukee, it’s a part of Milwaukee metro area and a home of more than 38.000 predominantly white residents, with significant Asian and Hispanic minorities.

Even though it and Milwaukee are shadowed by Chicago, Brookfield offers a varied job market which offer job opportunities for jobseekers in many fields. The most developed sectors include healthcare, construction, administrative support, manufacturing, food and accommodation as well as IT and education.

Sprawled across the banks of Fox River, Brookfield offers wonderful sightseeing and hiking opportunities and its myriad parks are wonderful for outdoor entertainment. Moreover, Brookfield is ideal for those couples who wish to be close to the center of happenings, but also avoid the chaos of living downtown.

Diversified Economy which attracts Investors

Brookfield is one of those cities which offers an attractive job market for jobseekers from many backgrounds, with diverse qualifications. The city’s largest employers are Elmbrook Memorial Hospital, followed by Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp., Quad/Graphic Inc., Target Group, UPS, Bank of America and many others.

The city has a sustained economic growth throughout the decades which can be attested by a median household income of more than 90.000$, lower than average unemployment rate of 4.2% and future job growth rate of more than 37%.

This makes Brookfield a rather affluent city and a very attractive destination for jobseekers from across the nation. With more than 40% of the available workforce being employed in jobs that pay more than 100.000$ annually, Brookfield truly is a thriving, healthy city.

One of the best Cities to Live in Milwaukee Metro Area

Brookfield has a very well developed transportation architecture with several state highways entering the city limits which makes the downtown of Milwaukee easily accessible.

Furthermore, its housing costs are somewhat lower than similar cities (say suburban Chicago) which acts as a further attractive element.

The availability of high quality services, amenities and low crime rates, makes Brookfield a highly sought after destination for many couples to settle and raise a family.