Jobs in Charleston, West Virginia, United States

Charleston, the state capital of West Virginia, is a sight for the soring eyes. Devoid of swarming masses, the Charleston is city with thousands of creative artists and chefs and miles and miles of biking trails. The city is located on the confluence of Kanawha and Elk rivers with the majestic Appalachians in the background. Charleston is no more than a small city but worth visiting due to its eclectic arts and music scene. Most importantly, the people of the city are some of the most hospitable you would ever find in United States.

Most Common Jobs in Charleston

Being the state capital, government basically leads the job market in the city. However, transportation and distribution industry is also responsible for the past and future prosperity of the region. Kanawha Valley including the city of Charleston has an outstanding system of routes and intestate which kept the transportation business alive in the city. Three major interstate converge in downtown, bringing 50% of country’s total population within 500 miles of the city. It can be rightly said that anyone related to transportation industry has a good chance of finding a job in Charleston.

Over the years, Charleston has become a regional center for retail, healthcare, finance, arts and culture and manufacturing. Kanawha valley is extremely rich in natural resources which also has enabled the region to not only survive the worst of recessions but to actually thrive and prosper. The people’s ingenuity to use these resources has also resulted in extremely strong and flourishing economy.

The chemical industry has also been a big job provider in the city since 1990s. Some of the largest companies in the region such as FMC, Union Carbide Corporation and Clearon Corp belong to this very industry. Other major companies in the city include Appalachian Power, Mountaineer Gas Company, City Holding Company and Tudor’s Biscuit World etc.

Why Choose Charleston as Your Next Home?

Charleston has become a wonderful city to live due to many reasons. The city has a diverse economy, providing plenty of job opportunities to everyone. The school and health systems are constantly improving. The city has number of recreational and entertainment places ranging from historical buildings to public parks, national reserves, museums, theaters and arts and cultural centers. In fact, you have to be in Charleston to explore everything the city has to offer.