Jobs in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Stay in the “Paris of America”: Jobs in Cincinnati

From the US state of Ohio comes Cincinnati City! Serving as the county seat of Hamilton County, Cincinnati has a population of a little less than 300,000 and is the 65th biggest city in the US, population-wise. Many tourists flock to Cincinnati for its two famous sports teams, the National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals and Major League Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds. Besides its sports, visitors to Cincinnati come to admire its historic architecture (hence its name in the late 1800s as the “Paris of America”) with impressive architectural projects like the Cincinnatian Hotel, the Music Hall, and the Shillito Department Store.

Since Cincinnati is the fastest growing economy in the US’s Midwest, many professionals also come to the city to search for their dream jobs.

The Presence of Fortune 500 Companies

There are many Fortune 500 companies with headquarters in Cincinnati. These are Macy’s Inc., The Kroger Company, and Procter & Gamble, to name a few. General Electric also has its aviation business and global operations in the city of Cincinnati. The largest employer in Cincinnati is actually Kroger Company, employing 21,646 local individuals in the city. This is followed by The University of Cincinnati with 16,000 employed.

The Working Economy

Cincinnati’s unemployment rate of 5% is quite good, given that the US average is 5.2%. It is also seen that its job growth will be positive in the next coming years. What this means for the job seeker is that it would be most likely that they can find a job in this city. However, Cincinnati’s sales tax is 7% and its income tax 5.57%, higher than the US average sales tax of 6% and income tax of 4.6%. This means that although you may be able to find a job quickly in Cincinnati, you may get to take home less of your pay and spend more on goods, as compared to other US cities. It is also expected that if you work in Cincinnati, you would receive a household income of around USD 34,000—there is quite a gap between this and the US average of USD 53,482.

Considering these statistics and information on Cincinnati, is it worth it to find a job in this city? Only you can answer this question!