Jobs in Dayton, Ohio, United States

Dayton began as a settlement founded by 12 settlers from the Thompson Party in 1796. The group of settlers had begun their journey from Cincinnati leading up to the Great Miami River and finally to present-day Dayton area. The city of Dayton was officially integrated in 1805, two years after Ohio was considered part of the “Union” of states.

By 1870, Dayton was well-known for its sheer number of inventions and patents that were granted by the U.S. Patent Office. The famed Wright Brothers who invented the airplane were residents of Dayton. James Ritty’s invention of the first mechanical cash register was also invented in Dayton.

Due to the noted inventions, there was widespread commercial growth in the city with plenty of city projects and housing in high demand within Dayton. By the 1970s, Dayton saw an overwhelming number of architectural advancements that modernized the city through convenient transportation routes and emergency services. Much of those services still prevail in current-day Dayton.

Swanky Locales to Explore during Your Visit to Dayton

Dayton offers travelers with fun weekend options to their choicest destinations related to vibrant parks and a host of cultural attractions. Among several historic sites, the Carillon Historical Park is significant due to the presence of centers such as the Wright Brothers’ Aviation Center and Kettering Family Education Center.

Catch a game of high-energy baseball at the Dayton Dragons Baseball ground, home to the local team — Dragons of Dayton. The tickets require some effort to get hold of during league games due to the loyal fan base. Visit the world’s only restored Packard museum to witness vintage automobiles and other historic memorabilia on display.

To experience a glimpse of Broadway stardom, head on over to the Victoria Theatre and witness the magnificent performing arts on display with annual events of over 200 live shows hosted every year.

Job Opportunities in Dayton

Dayton has a diverse economy and was ranked as the #1 medium-sized metropolitan area for economic development in the United States by Site Selection magazine. The city is known for its research and development within the aviation sector.

The National Air and Space Intelligence Center and the Air Force Research Laboratory have their headquarters in Dayton. Job entrants interested in aerospace technology and research should enroll at the following institutes.

The Healthcare sector is another major economy of Dayton and consists of notable establishments like the Kettering Medical Center and the Miami Valley Hospital. Interested medical candidates should approach these facilities for acquiring a job interview.

Other major employers in the city include — Behr Dayton Terminal, Premier Health Partners, Montgomery County, University of Dayton, and Dayton VA Medical Center.