Jobs in Dover, United Kingdom

Throughout history, Dover has been strategically important for people entering and leaving Britain. Archaeologists believe that the town has been inhabited since the Stone Age and has always been an important place for transit.

Dover, a town, and ferry port is situated in Kent to the South East of the UK. The town gets its name from the River Dour that flows through it, and it also faces France across The Dover Strait. Hence, the town also has a corresponding French name ‘Douvres’.

This busy port town is a hub for job seekers from all over the UK. Some of the most notable landmarks of Dover include White Cliffs of Dover, which is an idyllic seaside cliff complete with a lighthouse. Some great historic buildings include one of England’s ancient strongholds- Dover Castle, 6th century St. Augustine’s Abbey and an intricately built artillery fortress from the 16th century- Deal Castle.

Job Opportunities at Dover, UK

As Dover is a port town, hence the largest employer happens to be the Dover Harbour Board. It is the authority responsible for the smooth operations of the Port of Dover. At the Straits of Dover, the English Channel happens to be at its narrowest; therefore it is the busiest of shipping lanes in the world.

Ferries crossing across continents have to pass through here in order to reach the rest of Europe from the UK and vice versa. Various shipping companies are based in Dover and you can find employment with them if you happen to be involved in shipping.

The different cruise ships that go to Europe from the UK also pass through the Port of Dover. Sailors are in for ample opportunities to find employment on these cruise ships. If you are in the education sector, you can find jobs at Dover’s sixteen primary schools, nine secondary schools or two special education schools.