Jobs in Dresden, Germany

Located on the banks of River Elbe, Dresden is a historic city and an important economic hub. By all accounts, Dresden is the best place to visit in Germany. It is worth mentioning that Allied Forces razed the city to ground in Second World War.

However, it has recovered and risen once again to become such an incredible city. Dresden is particularly famous for its unique architecture, pubs, coffee shops and astonishing street art. Places like Zwinger, Semperoper and Panometer have actually become hallmarks of the city over the years.

The City with a Dynamic and Growing Economy

Dresden was part of the German Democratic Republic before unification of Germany. The city, just like other cities in the republic, suffered from extremely low economic growth. Dresden’s economy totally broke down after the collapse of Soviet Union. It wasn’t until the unification that Dresden started to grow as an important economic and industrial hub in the region. The city was actually quick to seize any growth opportunity that the unification presented. Currently, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

Major Industries in the Dresden

Dresden’s economy largely depends upon industries like biotechnology, manufacturing, nanotechnology and information technology. Similarly, economic sectors like microelectronics and renewable energy are also reaping the fruits of strong economic growth. In fact, the city has a diverse and dynamic economy further bolstered by strong industries like tourism, engineering and crafts enterprises.

The number of jobs in the city has increased manifolds since the turn of the 21st century. Dresden has actually become a city of startups with almost 50,000 people running their own businesses. Some of the main companies in the city include Motorola, AMD, Toppan Photomasks, Volkswagen and Cognitec Systems. Other national and international companies working in Dresden are Global Foundries, T-Systems, Infineon Technologies and Max Plank Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics.

It is pertinent to note small and medium sized companies make 99% of the total companies in the city. Similarly, only 3% of the companies employ more than 250 people. Dresden no doubt has a strong and stable economy but it still lacks behind more prominent West German cities like Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin. The city has still not been able to fully restore its economy but it is on the right path to retain its former glory and prosperity.


Dresden is not only an economically booming city but a great place to raise a family and work as well. The city is also home to Dresden International University and Dresden University of Applied Sciences. Similarly, overall health and education system is first class and still improving.

The city features a number of parks, historic sites, riverfronts and safe and secure neighborhoods. Last but not the least, the cost of living in Dresden is low but the city offers superior and unparalleled quality of life.