Jobs in Findlay, Ohio, United States

Officially recognized as the United States’ Flag City, Findlay is a town in Ohio’s Hancock County. It is home to many prestigious education institutes including the Findlay University. There are in fact, plenty of things to do and see in Findlay. For instance, you can experience amazing culture, arts and dining or visit nearby Riverbed Recreation area for some family fun and adventure.

Why Findlay is Ideal for Doing Business?

Located right on Interstate 75, the city of Findlay combines easy access to a regional port, roads and rail networks with its central location. The city also provides businesses with an easy access to a pool of 300,000 highly skilled professionals. The city has an excellent education system that imparts all the knowledge and skills, necessary to succeed in today’s world, to local students.

The Hancock County including the town of Findlay is an exceptional place to raise a family as well. Findlay has won prestigious awards like America’s best place for kids and Ohio’s best hometowns on several occasions. Findlay is an inviting city offering vibrant dining and arts community, breathtaking hiking trails, parks, outstanding schools and excellent healthcare system.

Findlay’s Role in Ohio’s Economy

Findlay is relatively a small city but contributes significantly to Ohio’s economy. This little town is home to Marathon Petroleum Corp, a Fortune 500 company. Similarly, it has a thriving restaurant industry and myriad of manufacturing industry giants such as Danby, Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, Whirlpool, Midway Products Group, Nissin Brake and superior Trim etc.

Distribution center of Kohli’s department store, the oldest in the United States, is also located in the city. Several other chain distributors such as Lowe’s and Best Buy also have their facilities in the city. Similarly, Findlay Village Mall is one of the biggest shopping and commercial centers of Findlay.

Findlay’s economy is rapidly growing after the economic recession of 2008. The unemployment rate is constantly declining. The average annual earnings in the city are highest in the state of Ohio. Findlay’s gross regional product is almost $4.5 billion despite its small size. There is abundance of employment opportunities in the city as well.