Jobs in Greenwood, South Carolina, United States

Home to Lander University, Greenwood is a city in Greenwood County, South Carolina. Convenient access to U.S. Routes 25, 178 and 221, which all pass through the eastern side of the city, means that the larger cities of Greenville, Augusta, Georgie, Anderson and Saluda are all easily commutable. However Greenwood has enough to interest and occupy you that these journeys will probably not be a regular undertaking.

A Diverse Economy

Self Regional Healthcare is one of the city’s main employers. Their facilities employ a number of skilled healthcare professionals as well as technicians, administrators and support staff. In the same field but on a smaller scale is Cardinal Health who aim to improve the cost effectiveness of healthcare.

Greenwood is also home to Fujifilm Manufacturing, USA. Employing over a thousand people Fujifilm’s workforce is highly skilled and well trained. Carolina Pride Foods employs a number of people in the Greenwood area as does Sykes Enterprises a global leader in comprehensive inbound customer engagement services. The reputation of Greenwood as having a highly skilled workforce means that other companies are increasingly being drawn to the area.

Lander University is a major presence in the city. It employs a number of people in a range of roles, from teaching and administration to catering and cleaning, on its campus while many smaller businesses have been attracted to the area by the presence of the university and its students.

Natural Surroundings

The nearby Lake Greenwood is a reservoir on the Saluda River, which is a popular attraction for swimming and picnicking during the hot summer months. It is also a popular destination for fishermen. Sitting in the confines of Lake Greenwood State Park the area is surrounded by walking and biking trails as well as a campsite. Another popular attraction, which makes use of Greenwood’s surroundings, is Emerald Farm a popular picnic site where you can observe a wide range of animals.

Thanks to Lander University and its energetic student population Greenwood is home to a number or bustling clubs, pubs and music venues. The city also houses a number of highly regarded restaurants catering for a wide range of tastes. Amongst the most popular are the Dixie Drive In, Amish Oven and Danish’s Trattoria.

Greenwood is a lively city, which makes good use of its green and pleasant surroundings. An increasing number of companies are being drawn to the area attracted by the relatively low cost of living and highly skilled workforce.