Jobs in Hamilton, United Kingdom

Hamilton is a small town based in South Lanarkshire of Scotland, UK. As sometimes underwhelming as the town might seem, it holds a big historical significance for Scotland’s culture. It is a place once home and hereditary property to the Dukes of Hamilton and their family, owning many landmarks to this day. Although their mansion was demolished long ago, their final resting place is within the grounds of the Hamilton Mausoleum, a place where you can leave your echo longer than any locations officially recorded.

One of the monuments is Low Park Museum which holds a 5-star rating as an attraction site. Chatelherault Country Park is home to the ruins of Cadzow Castle. Its access is limited due to the fragility of the structure, making it dangerous. Even then, people can cross the Duke’s Bridge to get a great angle on it. Then there’s Strathclyde Country Park which is home to M&Ds. Hamilton also features one of the most lauded horse-racing venues. Included last but not least is Hamilton Park, which also has a sports ground with football and tennis facilities.

Job Opportunities in Hamilton

Philips, the Dutch conglomerate is a major employer within Hamilton. Most of the employees work in service industry or local government sectors. While employment in transit and education are somewhat on the low, the average pay from them is good and helps keep the employees’ morale on check.

Thanks to the tourist attraction sites and venues, many restaurants and retail outlets managed to thrive and build business in large branches, including inside indoor shopping centers such as Regent Shopping Center and New Cross Shopping Center.

Tourist guides have good pay here and in more employment numbers than ever. Hotel rentals are in a more lucrative position compared to elsewhere thanks to tourism, with Porters receiving good tips.