Jobs in Hastings, United Kingdom

Hastings is a picturesque town by the sea in East Sussex, home to Europe’s largest beach-launched fishing fleet, and with the 1000-year-old ruins of Hastings Castle overlooking the Town Centre. It’s known to be a weekend getaway spot for many, and its tourism industry has been thriving in recent times, much to the delight of locals.

Fish straight off the boats is being sold at the new restaurants, pubs, and cafes which are opening up, and there is always something like a treasure hunt, or pier concert happening around the corner. Despite all this, house prices have managed to stay blissfully low compared to neighboring cities. And although it boasts a population of 90,000 people, most residents still like to call it “the biggest village in Sussex” due to its homely feel and the friendly people that make you feel like one of their own right away.

Economy of Hastings

Hastings has two major industries, with tourism recently overtaking the long-established fishing industry of the city. Its fishing fleet, which has been around for 400 years by most conservative estimates, with some putting it as high as 600, shows no signs of dwindling in the near future. It has even been lauded for its environmentally-friendly fishing practices.

Living in Hastings

To add to Hastings growing list of great things about it, it’s one of the sunniest parts of the UK. It even holds the record for the highest duration of sunshine in a year in the United Kingdom ever, tied with Eastbourne. On average Hastings gets about 731 mm of rainfall in a year, which is pretty characteristic for a British town.

Hastings’ main shopping centre is Priory Meadow Shopping Centre, built on a historical cricket ground. It has 56 stores and plans for expansion have been in the works for a while.