Jobs in Hillsboro, Oregon, United States

The fifth largest city in Oregon State, Hillsboro is also the county seat of Washington County. Sitting in the picturesque Tualatin Valley Hillsboro is part of the Portland metropolitan area. It also hosts many high technology companies such as Intel; this has led to the city and its surrounding area being dubbed the “Silicon Forest”.

The Atfalati tribe of the Kalapuya originally inhabited the area around Hillsboro where the climate, moderated by the Pacific Ocean, made the region ideal for fishing, hunting and agriculture. In 1842 settlers arrived in the area bringing with them a riverboat, railroad and eventually highways. Hillsboro was a modest city for much of its life until the arrival of high tech companies in the 1980s sparked a boom in the population and economy of the city.

A High Tech Economy

Hillsboro is located at the heart of Oregon’s Silicon Forest. As a result many high tech companies are based here. Intel’s largest campus is to be found in Hillsboro where around 16000 are employed. Synopsys, Epson, Salesforce and Oracle’s High End Operations are all also based in the area.

Additionally Hillsboro hosts the corporate headquarters for RadiSys and Planar Systems among many other companies. As a result of the presence of these companies there are many employment opportunities to be found in the high tech sector here, either working directly for one of these companies or working for a smaller operation that supports them.

Many biotechnology companies are also based in or around Hillsboro. One such operation is Genetech, their $400 million facility is used for both research and development and employs a great many people. This is not the only company employing people in the research and development sector in the Hillsboro area; others include FEI Company and Acumed.

Manufacturing is the leading employment sector in Hillsboro, employing 24% of the workforce. Many major companies choose to headquarter themselves here including Beaverton Foods.

Hillsboro is also the landing point for three fiber optic cable systems which link the United States across the Pacific Ocean: C2C, Southern Cross Cable and VSNL Transapcific. These cable landings combined with lower energy costs and tax breaks have led to an influx of data centres to the area including Adobe, NetApp and Fortune Data Centres.

A Cultural Hub

There are many cultural activities to be found in Hllsboro including three movie theatres, the Venetian Theatre while the Oregon Chorale and the Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra give regular recitals. The Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center provides space for galleries and performances as well as classrooms for art instruction. While the Washington County Museum has inhabited a space in the Civic Center since 2012.

For those wishing to take advantage of Hillsboro’s scenery and moderate climate there are 23 parks catering for a variety of interests. There are also many golf courses including The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club. A number of Farmer’s Markets are held regularly throughout the spring and summer months in Hillsboro selling arts, crafts, food, produce and plants. Meanwhile there are a number of wineries in the area including the noted Oak Knoll Winery. Consequently many fine wines are produced in the area.

Hillsboro’s annual Fourth of July Parade is a major attraction drawing crowds to the area, as does the Oregon International Air Show. While each summer the city offers a free concert series at Shute Park, “Showtime at Shute”. The Washington County Fair is also held annually in Hillsboro.

Hillsboro’s combination of low tax with well-paid job opportunities along with its stunning setting and friendly atmosphere has led to it regularly featuring in lists of the best places to live.