Jobs in Huntington, West Virginia, United States

Located at the conjunction of states of West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio on the banks of majestic Ohio River, Huntington is one of the fastest growing cities in the region. Recently declared as America’s best community, the city offers enviable quality of life, beautiful weather, highly entertaining festivals and events and beautiful waterfronts. Huntington also has a number of performing arts centers, museums, amusement parks and sports venues.

Where to Work in Huntington?

Manufacturing and steel industries originally made the economic base of the city. After the collapse of these industries in 1970s, the city shifted its focus to smaller more durable industries in the likes of tourism, finance, high technology, biotechnology, healthcare, television and services sectors. Most of the city’s workforce is also employed in these industries.

Some of the biggest companies in the city are Amazon and DirectTV. Saint Mary’s Medical Center and Cable Huntington Hospital are other notable employers in Huntington. Marshal University also employs hundreds of people. The largest shopping mall in the city is The Huntington Mall which also anchors the retail market in Huntington. However, retail sector is also thriving in the city’s historic downtown which incorporates many shops, restaurant and boutiques.

The government has also announced numerous incentives for new business and entrepreneurs. As a result, an increasing number of businesses are moving their operations to Huntington. Some of these programs include relocation grants, free land programs, rent breaks and financing of equipment etc.

What to Expect in Huntington?

While in Huntington, you experience a unique culture you won’t find anywhere else in the country. The people are extremely friendly and you feel yourself as a part of the community in this nice little college town. You can also enjoy four distinct seasons in the city. The city also features local, national and international shopping and dining centers and amazing festivals such as the International Festival. There are a number of parks and museums in the city as well most important of which are the Huntington Museum of Arts and Harrison Riverfront Park.