Jobs in Johns Creek, Georgia, United States

This affluent city is located in Fulton County in Georgia. As of July 2016, its population stood at 83,873. Johns Creek displays meticulous planning that allows its residents to enjoy work-life balance. The city has stellar amenities that allow economic activities to thrive. There are many outdoor activities to choose from. The Chattahoochee National Recreation area is ideal for fishing, rafting, and kayaking. Golf and tennis are cherished sports in this city. There are also high-end choice restaurants and picturesque homes to live in. The icing on the cake is that residents of this city get a chance to savor all these beautiful features since the planning encourages a walking distance culture.

Healthy Economy

According to the US Census Bureau, Johns Creek reports a poverty level of 4.7%, which is relatively low in comparison to the National poverty average rate of 14.7%. The median household income stands at $ 105,417 with the employment rate growing by 2.09% in 2015. These are key indicators of a vibrant economy.

It comes as no surprise that Johns Creek was ranked 3rd among the top 50 American cities to live in by 24/7 Wall Street. High incomes, steady employment growth, low poverty levels, and low crime rates are some of the factors that earned this city the prestigious ranking.

Top employers in this city include Alcon Laboratories, State Farm Insurance Companies, Macy’s Systems and Technology, and Emory Johns Creek Hospital.

High-Quality Education

John Creeks is famous for its award-winning schools and unrivaled quality of education. Everyone dreams of a good education for their children. Many residents have chosen Johns Creeks over other cities because of its prestigious schools.

All its public schools fall under the Fulton County School System which was established in 1871. It consists of a total of 19 elementary, middle and high schools. The school system ensures a holistic approach to education. It intricately combines the school’s curriculum with special needs programmes, extracurricular activities, distance learning, among other key aspects.

Three of these schools have won the prestigious Blue Ribbon National School of Excellence Award. These are the Chattahoochee High School, Dolvin elementary and River Trail Middle school.

Gourmet Restaurants

Johns Creek is famous for its wide array of delightful restaurants. Visitors are in for a huge treat and can indulge their palates to their heart’s content. The meals available in these restaurants are from multiple cultures and nations across the globe. Johns Creek is a multi-cultured city as it has attracted people from all over the world. It was ranked by the Wallet Hub as the 9th most diverse small town in the US. This diversity is best sampled through the countless delectable dishes that the restaurants offer.