Jobs in Kansas City, Missouri, United States

The jazz heritage, plenteous fountains, and boulevards are just a few of the appeals of the largest city in the state of Missouri, Kansas City. The large metropolitan area boasts a thriving economy and being home to eight prominent companies’ headquarters including AMC and YRC Worldwide. In its early days, the city was known for its beef merchandise and vast rail network. However, in present times, major industries contributing immensely to the economy include Government, Education, Health services, Manufacturing, Professional and business services.

Opportunities in Kansas City

With over 146 federal government agencies and about 30,000 employees, the government is the top employer in Kansas City. Therefore, persons looking to have a career in government service-related areas will do well to put the city into consideration during their job hunt. The Internal Revenue Service has about 2,700 employees and maintains an open policy which makes it easy to find seasonal or temporary jobs in the agency. There is an IRS employment agency office in the city.

The Social Security Administration is another top government employer with 1,700 current employees. They extend regular job opportunities in Kansas City. However, most of their positions require having a college degree and/or three years of experience.

In the private sector, Truman Medical Center has been pinpointed as one of the best companies to work for in Kansas City. They embrace cultural diversity and equal opportunities for everyone with no limitations to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and belief systems. There are regular offers for registered nurses.

The Ash Groove Cement Company also offers job opportunities through internships and campus recruiting routes. The latter involves studying in a particular area of the cement plant and being offered employment after the program according to your capabilities. This will be a great option for entry level applicants.

Securing Government Jobs in Kansas City

Since government jobs are in the majority in the city, it is crucial to equip yourself in order to be in a position to secure employment even as you put the private sector into consideration. Take time to discover the government agencies aligned with your interests, skill, and experience. Be sure to restructure your resume to fit in with the federal government job descriptions as it often differs from the standard expected in the private sector. To get that government job in Kansas City, you will need patience as it may take four months or longer to fill the position.