Jobs in Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States

Located on the Merrimack River in Essex County 25 miles south of Boston, Lawrence is an industrially and historically important city in the state of Massachusetts.

It is also referred to as an Immigrant City because thousands of immigrants from countries like Ireland, England, Germany, Canada, Cuba, Poland, Italy, Vietnam, Syria and Dominica are settled in the city.

These immigrants have migrated to the city over the course of two centuries to work in the city’s massive textile mills lining the Merrimack River.

The Industrial and Manufacturing Hub

It is pertinent to note that Lawrence was the first ever planned industrial city in United States. It was once the biggest textile manufacturing center in the world. Buildings like Great Stone Dam, clock and bell towers and massive mills spreading throughout the city are tribute to its industrial heritage.

These mills used to manufacture textile products not only for American but European markets as well. People from across the world came to Lawrence to work in these mills.

The Economy is still based on Manufacturing

Despite the fact the most of the manufacturing mills have moved abroad or south, the city’s economy is still based on manufacturing. The city derives 35% of its revenue from manufacturing.

The city is still a big center of shoe, apparel and textile companies including New Balance and Cardinal Shoes, KGR Inc., Malden Mills and Grieco Brothers. Many new manufacturing companies are also heading to the city because of its convenient location on route 495 and 93.

Arrival of Technology Companies

Apart from manufacturing, many new tech and healthcare companies are considering relocating to Lawrence due to its ideal location and productive industrial environment. Companies like Robert Able Company, New England Affiliated Technology and the Gem Group have already opened their offices in the city and others will follow suit sooner than later.

Lawrence’s culture and economy exhibit a sort of Latino slant and that is what separates the city from other communities. Similarly, the city’s unique cultural, historic and recreational facilities make it a wonderful city to visit or even relocate to. Finally, the city’s strong economy and non-stop arrival of new companies means you have a pretty good chance of finding a job of your dreams as well.