Jobs in Lehi, Utah, United States

Lehi was settled in 1851 by a group of Mormon pioneers in the northernmost point of Utah Valley — known as Dry Creek. Originally, the area was named Evansville after the local bishop of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” — David Evans. Later, the name Lehi was chosen, named after the prophet from the Book of Mormon.

The main occupation of Lehi consisted of agriculture, poultry farming, mink ranching, and fisheries. In 1890, the “Utah Sugar Company” opened its first plant in Lehi, this became the prime income source for many townsfolk during World War I. Other early known establishments were — The Standard Knitting Factory Company, Granite Works, Lehi Stone, Lehi Cereal Mill, and Lehi Banner newspaper.

Lehi is renowned for its relatively high graduation rate which stands at an exceptional 92.0%, the projected job growth is estimated to be at 12.5% per annum, making Lehi an outstanding destination for career-based enthusiasts.

Captivating Visual Delights to Glimpse During Your Stay in Lehi

Lehi has an official slogan created by the community — “Lehi is a good place to live”. The city is known for its safe neighborhoods and family-based environment. Numerous recreational spots can be located within the city such as the Saratoga Resort and the popular Lehi Roundup Rodeo.

Thanksgiving Point is a popular location that was founded in 1995 and consists of five leisure attractions — The Museum of Ancient Life, The Museum of Natural Curiosity, Farm County, Thanksgiving Point Gardens, and Thanksgiving Point Golf Course.

The Lehi Roller Mills is a famous location that was established in 1906 and continues to be a 21st-century attraction for tourists. The landmark is famous for grinding 100,00 pounds of flour every day and was notable for being part of a film setup in 1984. It’s officially part of the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1994.

Job Opportunities in Lehi

Lehi is known for many technology companies such as IM Flash Technologies being headquartered in the city and hence, there is much demand for young talented professionals in this stream. Adobe Systems has its home in Lehi and has over 900 employees working under its banner with jobs related to marketing, operations, sales, engineering, and product development.

Major employers in the city include — Workfront, Vivint Solar, Solutionreach, SirsiDynix, Xactware Solutions, Womply, Entrata, NUVI, Podium, Weave, MX, Canopy Tax, and MultiView. Among the high paying jobs, the list goes as — Mechanical Engineer, Service Writer, Cyber Analyst, Electrical Engineer, Senior Systems Administrator, Remote Developer, and Field Marketing Manager.