Jobs in Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States

Marlborough is a city in central-eastern Massachusetts and a home of more than 39,000 of ethnically diverse origin. The city’s myriad lakes and brooks make it a wonderful place to live in, especially for those individuals who prefer significant water areas. Even though it’s only the 39th most populous city in the state, Marlborough is a highly developed urban, economic and IT center.

The city’s geographical location also makes it an important transportation hub which has enabled the city’s rapid development of high tech industries. As such, it offers a lot of job opportunities in this sector – which makes it an attractive location for highly qualified jobseekers and individuals to move in to. It offers the ‘peaceful and quiet’ suburban experience while offering many amenities to the local residents.

Economy of Marlborough

Historically, Marlborough’s economy revolved around shoe manufacturing. With the construction of the several important state and interstate highways, the city’s economy turned to the high tech industry. The city has a stable job market which offers job opportunities in several economic branches, such as IT, telecommunications, education, finance, retail, food, accommodation, maintenance and farming.

Several major IT and Telecommunications Fortune 500 companies are present in Marlborough, AT&T, AMD, Apple Inc., to name a few.

With an unemployment rate of 3.70% and median household income of more than 71,000$, Marlborough is considered to be an affluent city. It’s projected job growth of more than 38%, attracts many jobseekers and professionals to develop their career in Marlborough

Living in Marlborough

Marlborough is a home of many highly educated and friendly people, and with median age of 40 years, it’s uniquely suited for those jobseekers and professionals who wish to raise a family. The city offers manifold parks and bike trails for outdoor entertainment as well as an array of shopping and entertainment venues. It is served by Marlborough School District which offers a high quality education.

As a suburban city, Marlborough offers a safe environment for raising a family – and it’s highly developed transportation infrastructure connect Marlborough to Boston. However, due to the high density of high-paying jobs, the housing and living costs in Marlborough are also above the national average.