Jobs in Mesa, Colorado, United States

Located on the north side of the Grand Mesa, Mesa is one of the largest communities in Colorado. The name ‘Mesa” means table in Spanish language. The largest flattop mountain in the world, the Grand Mesa resembles a table top and the name ‘Mesa’ was gotten from there. Mesa offers interesting places and stunning landscapes that you can visit and explore. Panoramic views, fruit orchards, and lush green pastures best define Mesa, a small county in Colorado. Blessed with more than 200 lakes dotting the splendid pine forests, Mesa draws a lot of individuals. If you an adventurous type, there are several exciting activities that will make you want to stay here forever.

Being a very dynamic community, it boasts of decent employment opportunities too. The economy was hard hit after the crash of Oil and Gas, where job loss was around 44%. But like any other crash, the diversity of the economy expanded, which eventually offset the job loss occurred on account of Oil and Gas.

Growing number of jobs in other sectors

Since 2010, the population of Mesa witnessed an upward trend, coupled with better healthcare facilities and a surging number of manufacturing industries. Once Oil and Gas industry used to dominate this region, but after its slump that course has been taken by the healthcare industry and it continues to be a major economic driver. A recent survey highlighted things are finally looking better for Mesa County, despite being economically challenged. The unemployment rate in Mesa was a bit higher than the state average but with proliferating supportive services, the shortfalls of Oil and Gas industry has now been mitigated.

Industries, such as aviation, health care, and outdoor services are the ones which are bringing back the growth trajectory in Mesa. In the last year, the health care added around 9,600 jobs, aviation resulted in 430 jobs and the outdoor services gave way to another 1,400 jobs. Some of the high-performing companies from this region include Mobility Driven and Junction West RV Park.

Other industries which are performing really well are education, tourism, and technology. Colorado Mesa University boasts of being one of the top largest employers in the whole of Mesa. The technology industry is projected to grow by 2.4% in the next year, along with tourism and real estate market and retail sales.

With so many exciting job opportunities in Mesa, getting a job can never be a difficult task.