Jobs in Montgomery, Alabama, United States

Jobs in Montgomery, the Capital of the South

Dubbed the “Capital of the South,” the city of Montgomery in Alabama is known nationwide for its varied cultural and historical events and landmarks. This includes the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church, the Alabama State Capitol, the First White House of the Confederacy, the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church, the Hank Williams Memorial, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Alabama Shakespeare Theater, and the Alabama War Memorial. Also, did you know that Montgomery attracted the first ever electric street car system as well as the first ever powered flight school of the Wright Brothers? Consequently, Montgomery has also become host to the air force bases, Maxwell and Gunter.

With its standout tourism, many professionals consider Montgomery as a new place of work. This, along with its economic development and schooling, makes Montgomery always an open option.


The economy of Montgomery is quite ripe and given its growth, could be considered as a hub for anyone looking for a job. Case in point, in 2004, Montgomery was able to get one of the largest economic development projects in the country. This was when Hyundai Motors Manufacturing Alabama decided to build a USD 1.4 billion auto plant in the city. Actually, this is the US’s first manufacturing and assembly plant in the country, with more than 3,000 team members. Yearly, the plant creates the next generations of the Santa Fe SUV and the Sonata Sedan.

Also, in 2004, Montgomery bought the Montgomery Biscuits, a baseball team in the minor leagues, which is the Tampa Bay Devil Rays’ Class AA affiliate. Notably, the Montgomery Biscuits are the Southern Leagues Champions for 2006 and 2007.


If you have a family and are thinking of moving to Montgomery to work and live there, note that Montgomery has a couple of public schools, with 36 elementary schools, 12 middle/junior schools, and 8 high schools. In addition, the city has 37 private schools. If you have older children who would like to go to college, Montgomery has many private and public colleges, even military schools. In total, the city has 15 universities, colleges, and military schools with world class facilities and opportunities.