Jobs in Munich, Germany

If you want to experience the real Germany, you must visit Munich. Unlike Berlin and Frankfurt which have modernized excessively in recent years, the city of Munich is quintessentially Germany. It is the city where you will see traditional beer gardens, come across ladies wearing colorful lederhosen and dine in Mediterranean style street cafes.

Munich is also the home of largest beer festival and one of the best football teams in the world, Bayern Munich. The city is also a center of Hi Tech industry with the headquarters of companies like BMW and Siemens.

Top Attractions in the City

Munich is the most beautiful city in Germany in terms of history, culture, style and both modern and traditional architecture. It is a self-proclaimed southern capital of Germany and offers everything from Alpine clichés to historic neighborhoods and walkable centers. Munich’s number one attraction is of course Residenzmuseum which was the palace of Wittelsbach kings of Bavaria who ruled from 1508 to 1914.

Other places worth visiting in the city are Pinakothek der Moderne, the largest modern art museum in the country and Alte Pinakothek, an art gallery containing masterpieces of some of the greatest artists the world has ever seen. Similarly, a visit to Munich is incomplete without visiting the English Gardens, Church of Our Lady, the extremely beautiful Allianz Arena, Saint Peters Church and Deutsches Museum.

Similarly, people also throng places like Marianplatz Square, Dachau Concentration Camp and numerous traditional restaurants, cafes and bars. Munich also welcomes hundreds and thousands of people during the annual Oktoberfest, an extremely entertaining and electrifying festival.

Major Industries in Munich

Munich is the biggest center of technology in Germany without any doubt. There are more than 22,000 high tech companies in the city. It is home to industry giants like BMW, Siemens, EADS, Eurocopter and IABG, WEBASTO, IWIS and Infineon. Similarly, big aerospace companies like MTU Aero Engines and Airbus are also operating in the company.Other big names working in the city include Microsoft, Parkstadt Schwabing and Max Planck institutes.

The economy of Munich is not all about heavy technology. It encompasses small home based businesses, local craftsmen and manufacturing sector to high growth industries and innovative sectors. The sectors which are performing brilliantly in Munich include biotech and life sciences, medical engineering, creative industries and environmental technology. Similarly, retail, services sector and tourism also contribute heavily to city’s economy.


Munich, the Bavarian capital of the Germany, is a wonderful city to live and work. It not only offers true German culture and heritage but ample employment opportunities in almost all fields of life as well.